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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Dear Gossip Boy: Are You Jake Gyllenhaal?

Dear GB:
No hold barred, I'm giddy with the possibilities. I really want to ask if McHottie, who you have already said is one and same as Ted C. bv Crescent Kumquat is Chase Crawford since that seems to be the popular guess, but you wont tell us will you? 
If not that then you have written about Jensen Ackles having dirty laundry (as it seems almost everyone in Hollywood does) will you/can you be more,  specific?

Dear Robin,
So you want to know if McHottie is Chace? Well, if McHottie was infact one Chace Crawford, then me telling you would out Chace as gay, bisexual, or whatever he was calling himself today.  I have said it before, I will not label someone as gay.  If they want to come out, it's their prerogative.  I will say that the path McHottie is on, he will be outed sooner than later.

Hey GB,
Sorry to lose Miss GiGi send her my love.  hope one of those Robsten/SPNL folks didn't stalk her. So what can I ask Dear Gossip Boy??? I don't think you are the one with the big outing on the 5th, but maybe you can give us a hint. Did you see McHottie on Kimmel this week?  What did you think?  (I know, I know :-P) How  about another clue for Rainbow Dark?

Dear Hokey Poker,
I don't know if we lost her for good, but the girl has a lot going on.  I must take some responsibility for that, she is my right hand gal.  I'm sure she may pop back up after all of this commotion dies down.  It is a busy time for GB and crew.  Not sure if McHottie was on Kimmel or not really.  Can't say I heard that he was, but as for RD....let's just say that he has kind of vanished. As for the outing on the 5th, you never really know do ya?

Dear GB,
What's really going on with the Gossip Girl cast? Does Ed Westwick have some naughty little secrets floating around New York too like his ex Jessica? Or is the break-up 100% her fault? It's going to be interesting to see them going back to set together in July.


Dear Kel,
Gossip Girl has as much, if not more, drama backstage as it does on-screen.  With Taylor Momsen leaving a fiery hell in her wake to Penn Badgley and his ice queen girlfriend Blake Lively, no one is safe from the drama on that set.  Ed isn't really as bad as people think he is.  Jessica on the other hand, well she just wants people to know who she is.  If you read some blinds, I'm sure you might realize that she is popular on this site.

So now that you have pretty much outed who McHottie is what attracted you to him in the first place? And why does every gay guy in Hollywood ( I too live in LA and have dated one or two) behave worse than a closeted Republican senator about their sexuality.
Seriously we are growing up in a generation where everyone knows that drama clubs are like 90% gay in school. Is it the overseas market or tween girl crowd that Hollywood is worried about?


Some guys are insecure and the ones that own their sexuality are the role models of the youth.  I cannot say that I am one of them.  As much as I do live my life to the truth, I haven't spoken of my sexuality.  That could change as I believe that a revolution is in order.  And it's the whole world, not just one certain demographic.

@The_Gossip_Boy Whats up with Dianna Argon's character taking backseat in this volume of 'Glee'? Something tells me Lea might be behind it.
@ BThree via Twitter

For once, it has nothing to do with anything like that.  It's actually because producers feel as if the first half of the season was too baby-centric and centered too much around babies.  Trust me, Quinn and the baby will be front and center by the end of the season.  I hear the finale is going to be the little puckers birthday.

@The_Gossip_Boy What is the real with Alexander Skarsgard and Kate Bosworth is for real or just fling or publicity for both?
@Jackyoth26 via twitter

It's a little of both.  They both like the attention they are getting, as well as the hot hook-ups.  But trust, it was fizzle soon.

Dear GB,
First of all, your readers are people who have regular jobs and are used to daily gossip updates. So, of course we miss your insights when you don't update very often. Please update more often! Where's Gigi? Secondly, have you ever been in a Broadway musical? And, did you check out American Idiot? Was it really that boring?
Suddenly Seymour,
I also have a regular job that takes up a lot of time.  I love all of my readers and I love the blog concept.  This is like a personal journal where I can be myself, the person I am on the inside and not be judged.  Yes, it is my safety blanket, but whatever.  I loved American Idiot.  But then again, I hate Bush and love Green Day.

With all the blind vices floating around, and quite a few of them in somewhat public places... What is your take on how no one snaps a picture with their phone or camera?
How do you know they don't?  Trust me, before anyone runs pictures, stars get a chance to buy them up.
Dear Gossip Boy,
No holds barred?  Well then I have to ask the multimillion dollar question.Are you in fact Jake Gyllenhaal? All of the clues add up and there is a whole community dedicated to the fact that you are.  So?
Do you think I haven't heard that before?  Or been asked that before?  If I was Jake, do you think I would tell you?  And if I wasn't, why would I tell you either?  Who doesn't love Jakey?
You tweeted happy 30th to Austin Nichols?  Why would you do that unless you are Jake?
So the only person who would say that is Jake Gyllenhaal?  Really, dude?
@The_Gossip_Boy okay, have you banged nastys with JA or JP? Would you?
@Dragonladylewis via twitter

I actually used to be roomates with a JP.  Since you didn't specify who you are talking about I cannot answer you.

Dear Gossip Boy,
What do you think about A-Rod?

I think I need 3 days in a locked room with him to show him how much I like him.  Maybe 4 days....yeah definitely 5 days.


Anonymous said...

"I actually used to be roomates with a JP. Since you didn't specify who you are talking about I cannot answer you." I love your answer, GB! People, not
"everybody" knows who Jared Padalecki is! Be specific! ;)

Anonymous said...

GB said he briefly dated one of Jared's friends so unless that friend was Jensen I doubt he's slept with either of them. Love ya GB x

Anonymous said...

The one up top i agree with, i dont GB ever slept with either of them, and if he did we wouldnt tell us, that would mean JP OR JA is gay or bi, sooo yeah and he did? i didnt know he dated one of JP friends, wow he and him jared must be close somehow, like through friends. Haha Thank you GB!

rog said...

I knew GB wouldnt answer the question about McHottie, but since he said no hold barred I thought I would give it a try, as they say nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Too bad he didn't answer the question about Jensens dirty laundry, but that might also involve an outing if all the gossip is to be believed.

ItsAJ said...

Errr... Whats up with GiGi - Dont follow you on twitter (or anyone!)

Anonymous said...

I get them confused...but if you read the old twits it sounds to me like GB is an ex of one of the J's before Supernatural. Those greece pix and all that. At times it sounded very Lilo/Samro. You dont twit crap in the middle of the night about some actor you are barely aquainted with.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, well if GB is the ex of one of the J's my money would be on Jensen mainly because of the way GB talks about Danneel and rarely talks about Jared and Gen. Also he'd be the luckiest guy ever, Chace and one of the J's? score lol

Anonymous said...

There is a whole community dedicated to the fact that you are [Jake Gyllenhaal].

Girl, as someone who frequents Gossipboyfans -the community you're referring to, I assume- I'd like to clarify something. The community is not "dedicated to the fact that he (GB) is (JG)". Not at all. It's dedicated to worshipping the total awesomeness of The Gossip Boy. Sure, we tried playing the game of finding out who he might be -but the clues gathered don't lead to a loooot of people. Just one. That must be what confused you. Above all, we're fans of GB and graciously accept the challenge of never knowing for sure who he is in reality.

I thought it'd be nice to make that clear. :-)

Anonymous said...

Mc Hottie is Jensen Ackles?? Or Chace? I get confused, i mean yeah. Cause jensen is a hottie, so ooo he can be Mc Hottie. But that would mean like Jared and Jensen isnt together, unless This is Jared Padalecki we are talking to, nahhhhh! He said he was famous as much as jake soo tom welling he has black brownish hair? tom cruise nooo, chad? nahhhh Unless this is Jeffery Dean Morgan? Gb is Jeffery Dean Morgan? nahhhh *im getting a head
ache thinking about it and trying to find who this dude GB is* Tom welling, Jared padalecki, Chace, or Chad Micheal Murry? I cant think of anyone else i mean who is on a show? and Lead Character? Chad aint. Jared is, and Tom is, and Tom has meet Jared and Jensen,and Jensen and Tom worked together before. So this can be Tom Welling. *gasp* NO WAY! *and do not delete my comment* Thank you!

Anonymous said...

GB is Tom Welling.

Anonymous said...

▲ o.O Is Tom Welling even an actor? I mean, isn't Tom Welling a computer-generated... dummy (no offense) designed with the sole purpose of making Smallville? If I'm wrong and Tom Welling is definitely an actual human being, there's still no way he is GB. I mean, look at that vacant expression...

*I'm being mean but I really have nothing against TW. Just... seriously?*

BobNYC said...

Its funny, Crescent Kumquat's initials are CK - exactly what Tom Welling's character is called: "CK".
But really, no way. He is way too boring. Ted says CK doesn't have a girlfriend, which is correct, TW is married. But still... There have never been any reports of him out partying. He's way off the radar. And Chad Michael Murray likes younger girls.

Anonymous said...

Pretty sure Kate and Alex aren't just a casual fling. They've been together about six months now and she went with him to visit his dad a couple weeks ago.

Anonymous said...

I already asked GB if he was Chad and he said no and that he wouldn't cheat on someone as amazing as Sophia with a low life like Paris, he also said Jared wasn't completely innocent in that scenario so idk. It's possible he's dated or hooked up with Jensen but I think GB already said he isn't a tv actor.

Anonymous said...

About Jessica Szohr.
I read all the blind item on this blog and there isn't one that could have make me think of her.

Did she really cheat on him? And with several guys?

Anonymous said...

About Jessica... Wasnt there one regarding "Alice's" castmates? Maybe Jessica was the other Diva and Alice was cruising Ed.

Anonymous said...

Mary Ann isn't Mary Ann anymore, she's Ginger. And Ginger isn't Ginger anymore, she's Mary Ann.

What a gyp, I don't have Twitter.

GB - The Lion In Winter or Funny Girl. Who should have won the oscar? Both winning was a cop out.

Anonymous said...

But he did say that he was working for a show, i mean like he was the head star, like he said they wont kill him off or something cause he was the lead character, didnt GB say that on his twitter? Guys go back wards,BG, who initals have BG?