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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Glee Fail?

Yesterday the cast of Glee performed at the annual Easter Egg Roll at the White House and after their performance, they are receiving a lot of slack.

They performed a few tunes clad in red (a throwback to the series premiere) and finished off the afternoon with "Somebody to Love." Unfortunately, the video isn't spectacular — Cory Monteith's voice can barely be heard and the kids performing backup seem to be lip syncing. Luckily, Lea Michele's gorgeous vocals save the day, but overall the whole thing's kinda shaky (the croaking animal noises in the background don't help things). Apparently there were some mic problems, but it's hard to tell on a video stream. What do you think of the performance — ouch or overreacting?


Anonymous said...

It's just too difficult to tell what's going on. Sounds like the sound system is awful and there are technical problems. I think it's a little unfair to judge given that all we have are these clips.

The live show reviews will be a better reflection.

Anonymous said...

It seems like Lea can't hear anything half way through Don't Stop Believing. She tries to reach for her ear piece and looks a little troubled. If Lea is struggling to hear, then Cory must be.

I like Cory a lot, and I think he has a decent voice. He lacks confidence in it and he lacks experience so I think he did well. I prefer that he's a newbie to singing because I think it sends an important message that your goals are achievable even if you aren't a pro. I suspect Cory will get better and better.

sara said...

Lea is also talking and motioning to someone offstage about her earpiece during Somewhere Over the Rainbow. The fact that they do as well as they do and don't flip out like Ashlee Simpson would have done shows the cast's professionalism, IMO.

Anonymous said...

...singing live at any function with either live instruments/and or taped music to an open audience(and I speak from experience) is frustrating at the best of times particularly encountering all the problems associated with a "live" performance. Given what I've seen and being a Glee fan, I believe it would have been an awesome show regardless and they deserve some slack...

Anonymous said...

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