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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy April Fool's!

Hopefully you know that all of today's posts were my April Fool's gift to you!  XOXO


touched said...

i was really hoping that at least the Heidi/Spencer one was real :( but Happy April Fools!

Anonymous said...

OH AH HAHA HAHAHA... You want to know how funny yor "gift" was -your latest tweet in particular? VERY. Specially for me -that wasn't expecting any April Fool's jokes because... April Fool's doesn't exist in my part of the world!! I'll get back to you, tho. In Hispanic culture, December 28th is the equivalent to your April 1st. Plenty of time for me to think of something funny and -for you to forget this warning. Enjoy now, my friend. And thank you.

Anonymous said...

Evil - evil - evil. I got all excited about Jensen and Jared news and then realized what day it was. I hate April 1st!