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Monday, April 26, 2010

Justin Case And His FWB

Poor Justin Case and his tortured heart. After being used and abused by Rainbow Dark and trying to keep up the charade for his girlfriend, he has been running ragged.  He has been itching to find a new hook-up and found one in one of his friends.  Rock Jock who also has a girlfriend, actually she is the one who was dropped off at the clinic and told what to do by Rock Jock. 

Justin has always told close friends of his sexual attractions, and by close I mean one or three people.  Rock Jock had no clue, until Justin smoked too much and let his intense withdrawal get the better of him.  Rock didn't even fight it, the boy dove and delivered a hot kiss that ended with Justin getting exactly what he needed. 

As Justin brags of his feat to me, I didn't have the heart to tell him that he had just landed himself back in the same situation.  Rock and his girl, Black Sheep, may have some arguments that end up with a drop off at abortion clinics, but Black Sheep is not letting her man go.  She knows he swings both ways, and so does she.  They are both very eager to break out of the mold that they are in.

But while Rock is pretty much using Justin as his new swing set, Justin is falling for this guy.  Justin is willing to go head to head with Black Sheep, but Rock could never come out.  This is one guy who was born and bred for stardom and there is no way in hell that would ever happen.  Plus, let's be honest.  He is a honest to goodness bisexual who is just experimenting.  Trust me, with a boring girl like Black Sheep, you would need some fun on the side too.

Rock Jock and Black Sheep Are Not:
Hunter Parrish and Amanda Michalka 
Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus
Ashley Tisdale and Scott Speer

Justin Case Is Not:
Zac Efron
Jensen Ackles
Zachary Quinto


touched said...

this boy breaks my heart a little, he needs lovin'. unsecrety, PDA showing, nonshamey lovin'.

Bettie said...

I find it odd that Hunter Parrish is a major contender for Justin but included in the and it's not for Rock. Maybe I am just crazy

Hollowdoll said...

Why, why why???! Learn from your mistakes! Your killing me!

Anonymous said...

Hunter Parrish= Justin Case. Thanks for confirming. When I first read the blind about the guy and the girl getting an abortion. I thought Efron and Vanessa.

Blake said...

No way in hell Zac Efron and Vanessa. Dude, Zac is the epitomy of straight!

Anonymous said...

Rock Jock is Zac Efron. No idea who JustinCase is though. Never heard of Hunter Parrish or seen his work

BobNYC said...

Oh my goodness Anon - check out WEEDS and watch Hunter Parrish grow.
Oh mama! You can stream it from Netflix.

ItsAJ said...

Rock Jock is Zac Efron and Justin Case is Hunter Parrish - The first "its not" in each is the actual person for the other!

I see what you did there Gossip Boy!!

Anonymous said...

It's all becoming too confusing. In any event once Justin reads this he can thank GB for giving him the heads up. Or he can get revenge by biting off Rock Jock's Mr Happy. Now THAT would be a story.

April B said...

I read in another blind (unless it was just a link to GB's blind) about the abortion and this other website agreed it was Zac and Vanessa. I immediately though of him with Rock Jock because he plays a basketball player in HSM and in 17 again. Makes sense. I have a hard time seeing Vanessa swing both ways, but nothing really ever surprises me. And I agree that GB just switched the two people around in the "Is not" at the end.

Anonymous said...

Let me get this, er, straight. Zac is Justin and Liam is Rock Jock?

Anonymous said...

Negatory. Hunter is Rock Jock.

Anonymous said...

My heart too breaks for Justin. Hope you find a man who can love you right Justin.

Anonymous said...

justin case = hunter parrish
rock jock = zac efron
black sheep = vanessa hudgens

Anonymous said...

justin case = chace crawford
rock jock- Justin Timberlake
black sheep = Jessica Biel

Anonymous said...

Rock Jock is zac efron, blackSheep is vanessa, but who said it was Zac who was the father of the aborted baby?
Befor the breakup, vanessa was Zac's excuse for why he could have affairs but no long term relationship.She was also working the playground if you know what I mean!