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Friday, April 30, 2010

May 5th Candidate #3: Queen Latifah

Rumors of the celebrity that is due to come out of the closet being a woman have been all over the net.  With clues being dropped everywhere you look, it has become a find a needle in a haystack situation for impatient people who cannot wait until May 5th.

In our poll so far, Queen Latifah has taken off, with 31% of the votes.  Reasoning is that Queen Latifah has a movie coming out and going on a press tour and drawing attention would suit her needs.  However, Latifah has never been one to let Hollywood in on her personal life.  Rumors have followed the singer/rapper/actress for most of her career.  She was even said to be engaged in 2007 to a woman that she had been with for 4 years.  Nothing ever came of the story, but if Latifah is in fact a lesbian, I doubt that she would choose now to come out of the closet.  Nothing in her life has changed to the point where she feels as if she needs to come out and I'm sure that if the rumors are true, she is the kind of woman who already is out to her friends and family.  Why come out to the world? 

I don't think Queen Latifah is the May 5th reveal, but you think she is.  That makes her candidate #3.


Anonymous said... argument from the peanut gallery...

Anonymous said...

Yes she needs to come clean! But I wonder if Cover Girl is ready for a lesbian spokesmodel. My other thing with her is that the "gay tour" sounds, well, very "white". I think she would need to do more damage control with her AA audience which would be a different media strategy.

Since its supposed to be a female singer - Who was that with Shania Twain on Idol the other night????????

Anonymous said...

To anonymous: You realize that Ellen is a spokesmodel for Cover Girl, don't you? So I don't think they have a problem with lesbians...