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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Michael Lohan Engaged To Jon Gosselin's Ex!

Michael Lohan has announced his engagement to Kate Major.  Yes, that Kate Major.  She is known for dating Jon Gosselin right after his split from wife, also named Kate.

"She's been there for five years with me. I think a friendship is more important than anything when you have a relationship, and this is the strongest one in my life," Lohan, 49, tells  "[Two weeks ago], I went down to Florida with Kate to visit her dad. I was in a hot tub with her dad at their house, and I said, 'There's something we have to talk about.' He said, 'Oh my God, don't tell me Kate's pregnant!'" Lohan jokes. "I told him I was looking at the future, and I wanted to make it formal and take it to the next level. After that, he approved, then Kate and I discussed it and she discussed it with her dad."

Lohan admits that he wanted to wait to announce his engagement until the buzz about daughter Lindsay died down.  In other words, once he was out of the spotlight again, he would announce this to get us talking about him, yet again.

Majorsays that she is "really happy."  She's already started planning the circus and I'm sure we will be hearing about it for awhile.

"I have talked to some of the bridesmaids and we have discussed having the wedding later this year. It's going to be at Oheka Castle in New York. But right now, I'm just enjoying being engaged... We're really excited!"

Wonder how Jon feels about this development considering he and Michael were having a bro-mance for awhile.  Bros over hoes, Michael.  Bros over hoes.


Anonymous said...

Can we all please stop talking about the Lohans? We can just ignore them. Annoying.

Hokey said...

Michael Lpohan is 49???
right, and I'm the Queen of England

Emma said...

I bow to thee, Queen Hokey

Anonymous said...

ICK! I beg GB make TGB a Lohan and Gosselin free zone