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Friday, April 23, 2010

New Eclipse Trailer

It's a little late in the day and I am sure that the most devoted Twi-hards have seen the new trailer that Oprah premiered on her talk show today.

Some friends are not really excited for Eclipse, considering that Summit really has dropped the ball with the movies.  They will never live up to the books, though I think they are good movies.  However, seeing the new promo has peaked some interest.  The fight scene alone gave me goosebumps and I have to admit that Kristen Stewart as Bella looks beautiful in the trailer.  Now here is to hoping that Breaking Dawn holds up its end of the deal.  I want to see Edward break that headboard and do Bella like the porn star vamp we all know he is.


Anonymous said...

This actually looks good! Spooky and not so emo, depressing as the first 2 movies. The second movie was a bore. Our area news station
(Washington, D.C.) took a poll and the 2nd movie was not ranked high, only 32% liked it.

Hope this one is better.

Anonymous said...

Too little, too late.