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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tuesday Blind

I was all ready to tell you about Justin Case and his latest antics due to trying to find love in all the straight places, however things changed.
At lunch today I caught up with some friends and an ex.  As strange and awkward as it may have been, I heard a story that you all are going to love.

It all started a couple of weekends ago.  A young television star, Tri-Sexual Tony was conducting business for his show and promoting it to secure another season.  When it was all said and done, he was sitting alone in his hotel room and had an itch for some excitement.  He decided to explore the Internet to try and pick up something entertaining to do.  Something that a lot of celebrities do, no matter how stupid it sounds.What website does he go to?  CraigsList of course, the one everyone goes to for a quick lay.

He found a woman's ad and answered it.  After 2 hours of emailing back and forth and trading very naughty pictures, she agreed to come to his room.  TST lay naked in the bed thinking that anyone would love to stumble upon a naked celebrity and probably looked very cocky.

But you can never trust those internet pictures and instead of the 21 year old college girl showing up, he was greeted by a 23 year old college male.

Of course he put up an argument, but the guy had already seen too much and had pictures.  Even though the pictures weren't of the star's face, he wouldn't want them leaked.  Then TST offered to let the boy please him orally while he talked dirty.  The boy happily obliged, but after awhile TST flipped the boy over and gave it to him hard.  And the boy pointed out that TST didn't seem to be new to the whole situation.

After the sex, which sounded hot from all of the details, TST threw some money at the boy and told him that if he kept it a secret, they could keep hooking up.  Of course the boy wanted to, everyone does.  But TST should watch his back because the boy is already bragging to friends and showing the pictures.  How much longer until we get a new candidate for Penis Monday.  One that EVERYONE would love to see.

It's Not
Austin Nichols
Kerr Smith
Misha Collins


Erin said...

Well it seems obvious that it is a CW star. Hence Chace being McHottie and him probably being the source...or maybe the boy??

Mary said...

But REALLY - how did he know he was a COLLEGE dude - maybe he was just a 23 year old male.

Anonymous said...

ummmmmm.....this one really throws the credibility overboard. If the "star" is GB friend then how the hell does he know what the trick is doing? The trick would have to be the something here is just totally made up.

Callie said...

It seems GB is friends with either the boy or TST. If TST is GB's friend, would he tell him about the mishap? If GB is openly gay, as he says he is, he probably did. However, my money is on the fact that McHottie is involved somehow. I think the college thing was just a word used, we shouldn't harp on it.

Anonymous said...

You guys are missing the big thing. Assistants know everything. EVERYTHING! If TST had a guy in his room, his assistant would know about it. Especially if he was doing press for his show. But I also agree that whoever he met with today for lunch knows is involved in this blind.

Anonymous said...

Could it be one of the guys from the Vampire Diaries?

Anonymous said...

why did ya out Kerr?

Anonymous said...

No one outed Kerr

Tania said...

@nonny 8:14,
what do you mean? Doesn't look to me like he did. Unless you know something I don't.

What, nobody guessed Jensen yet? ;-)
I kid - he's probably got an alibi anyway, but I just can't be arsed to check...

Whoever this is, he was certainly letting the little head do the thinking. Photos - seriously? And trusting a Craigslist hookup to be truthful? What a moron. Why didn't he just find some porn and have a quick wank? Much safer!

Anonymous said...

It can't be jensen if a few weekends ago this person was
working to try and get their show renewed.
Spn has been confirmed for season 6 for longer than that.

Anonymous said...

Ted revealed that BCoop's BV was to do with the internet and I think someone revealed he was the one who prowled Craigslist?

Anonymous said...

My guess is The Situation

Anonymous said...

"It's Not:
Austin Nichols
Kerr Smith
Misha Collins"

Misha Collins is out? I didn't even thought of him as an option xD Am I missing something about him? Love this blog, really.

Anonymous said...

Alex Skarsgard. If he's Nelly Fang, then he definitely isn't new to what happened in this blind!

Anonymous said...

Alex Skarsgard's show is already renewed for the next two seasons and has been since last summer.

Anonymous said...

Kerr Smith was in my bloody valentine with jense ackles and he is on CW. Also Austin Nichols GF is BFF with jense GF. I think this was so easy I have to be wrong.