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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Type O Negative Lead Singer Found Dead

Peter Steele is the lead singer of the band Type O Negative died at the age of 48 . His real name is Peter J. Ratajczyk and was the lead singer and bassis of the band Type O Negative.
It is a heavy metal band from Brooklyn New York who's dramatic lyrical themes of romance, depression and death was popular among the heavy metal crowd.

The lead singer's death is believed to be caused by heart failure Wednesday, April 14, 2010. The other member of the band namely Kenny Hickey is the one who reported about Peter Steele’s death. This is not the first time that Peter Steele is reported as dead, he was also rumored dead in 2005.  This is a link in case you have never heard of Type O Negative.

He did a Playgirl centerfold in 1995 displaying his sexy body.  Below are some images of the late sexy rocker and also my attempt to make up for missing Penis Monday and Hump Day Humper.


Felix said...

Lived too hard, died too young.

pomme said...

RIP i love "girlfriend's girlfriend" song

Anonymous said...

eww.. sorry but he is not attractive at all..specially in the wanger pic

Anonymous said...

His face is classically handsome in some pictures. What cheek bones. Cannot believe he was 6'7. A giant. He reminds me of The Kurgan (Clancy Brown) in the first Highlander movie.

I wonder if he abused steroids? He had big muscles. A short sad life.

Tania said...

Yes, he looks like the Kurgan! ;-)

He kind of gives me the creeps, actually.

Anonymous said...

Can't believe he died of heart failure at 48. Scary, since I'm 45.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Um, excuse me? Unattractive? You need your eyes checked. Give me the time and day and I would've wrecked this guy...or maybe it would've been the other way around with what he's got hanging down. o.O
R.I.P Peter.