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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

All Taylor Momsen Needs Is Love

Taylor Momsen came on board the Lennon Bus to work with students from La Guardia High School in NYC last week. They tracked "All You Need Is Love" and we captured the moment in our latest Lennon Bus Live.



Elise said...

Good Ole' Alice. Gossip Boy, your blog has blown up in the past few days. I work in HW and your blog has been mentioned a lot lately. I am guessing it was the wedding pictures you scooped everyone on. I have been around from almost day one and I am proud! I feel like a soccer mom when I say it, but congrats. I like your site a lot better than the other sites and you have no one padding your pockets to tell their version of the story. Keep it up and I see big things coming your way. Trust me when I say that, I have heard things.

Pinky said...

Girl can carry a least right up to the end.

Divide by Zero said...

She sounds bored. And therefore, boring.

Anonymous said...

I've definitely heard worse but I'd hardly call that carrying a tune.