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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Cannes Film Festival Kicks Off

Robin Hood kicked off the Cannes Film Festival today and big names with big dresses filled the red carpet.  Robin Hood's leading lady Cate Blanchett rocked the red carpet in a beautiful silver and white Alexander McQueen, but was outdone by Kate Beckinsale and Eva Longoria's ballgowns and huge trains.

Salma Hayek
Cate Blanchett
Natalie Imbruglia
Russell Crowe and wife Danielle Spencer
Jean Claude Van Damme and Gladys Partugues
Dame Helen Mirren
Kate Beckinsale
Eva Longoria


rog457 said...

Helen Mirren looks classy as usual, but WTF is Kate Beckinsale wearing and is Eva Longoria late for a bridal photo shoot?

blc said...

They"re hoping people will forget their careers are in the's called overcompensating (my $50 word of the day)

BobNYC said...

Cate Blanchett: OMG, now I know what happened to that wall hanging that disappeared from the East Texas Lesbian Roadhouse Bar.

Dame Helen Mirren: Oh, mama, you define class and culture. Brava!

Kate Beckinsale: Honey, your not supposed to wear your Southern Bell Debutante Ball dress a second time.

Eva Longoria: Woman, if you're waiting for applause, it got lost along the way trying to follow your train (wreck!).

Anonymous said...

Wow, Salma Hayek is stunning. Love the dress.

Anonymous said...

Eva Longoria always bores the crap out of me.

Anonymous said...

didn't know van damme was still pretending he's straight.

Hawt said...

Outdone by...

You do realize Beckinsale looks like a frickin Swiffer duster, right?

And I think it's sweet that Eva kept her dress from her Quinceñera... or recycled someone else's.