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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Check It Out

So you invited a gossip columnist to your wedding after he said your marriage was fake and pretty much outed your fiance?

At least one of you Disney kids have a back up plan for when they spit you out

Hey Facebook founder, Fuck YOUR Face!

Either kiss her or quit being a buzzkill!

She just found out that the myth about black men is true


Anonymous said...

So nice to know that even though I exited Facebook over 6 month ago, they are probably profiting from all the pictures I posted. I agree, F--K you Facebook.

Callie said...

OMG GB, I have NEVER laughed so hard as I did at your first post up top. What a stunning hit on Frozie! Even better that Bigmouth Billy didn't even go to the farce. I bet that ticked her off but good.
Seriously, thank you for the belly laugh.

udontknowme22 said...

Thanks Gossip Boy!!! LMAO... the first photo cracks me the hell up!!!

Radha said...

GB, I freaking love you.

Anonymous said...

taylor is so much HOTTER than the other dude.