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Monday, May 3, 2010

Dear Gossip Boy

Dear GB,
Its pretty well known that starletts of dubious talent rise more based on other "attributes".  Is it the same for the guys?  There are a few actors who careers baffle me.  As an example lets use Wentworth Miller and Hayden Christianson.  Neither can really act, have one basic expression and have the range of a bar of soap. Do they have other talents producers/directors look for that dont show up on the screen?
Bored Josh

Bored Josh,
Wentworth is very sexy.  And his Prison Break character's popularity has surely rubbed off onto him.  Besides, in a town of gay's, the more do-able a guy is the more chance they have.  A guy doesn't have to sleep his way to the top, if he plays his cards right never flat out turns down the sex, he will get far.  It's all a game.

Dear GB:
Got any dish on the talented and sexy Timothy Olyphant? Loved him in Deadwood and now he has the whole modern cowboy thing going on in Justified. Not much if anything is ever written about him, does he just fly below the radar or is he just boring?

Timmy is one fine hunk of a man.  Not only is he easy on the eyes, he is hilarious.  He does fly below the radar, really down low.  He knows how to stay out of the public eye. He has a wife and kids that he would rather spend time with then the plastics of HW.

Dear G.B.
Would Justin Case be Hunter Parrish and Rainbow Dark be Jared Ackles?
By the ARE the best...VIVA LA REVOLUTION!
Do you really think that Jensen would be as cold as Rainbow Dark?  Jensen is not the kind to break your heart on Valentines Day, nor as much of a dick.

Dear GB,
I know this is a personal question, but it's been something I've been curious about for a long time.  Even before I heard about your site and started following it.  However, the desire to ask it has gotten stronger based on some of the posts you've made about the pressure exerted to keep actors and actresses in the closet.  So here goes nothing.  Also, you won't hurt my feelings if you choose not to answer. Do you think you'd be under the same level of pressure if there weren't those making money off of you.   Meaning agents and managers.  (I'm going on the assumption that so long as studios and networks could be guaranteed hits, they ultimately wouldn't care.)
Kit Kat,
If suddenly being gay became socially acceptable and everyone thought that a gay actor could still open a successful summer blockbuster, closet doors would be swinging open left and right.  Its all about the money in HW.
@The_Gossip_Boy Dear GB: What are the networks plan with BIG LOVE? Last season was so condensed it was all over the place
@dddotgirl via Twitter
Be prepared, Love.  They are re-tooling the show for the Fifth season and the cast is being slimmed down.

My latest theory is the Rainbow Dark is Matthew Perry. Am I hot or should I give up on ole RD?HP

Matthew is so not Rainbow Dark.  But you are warm-ish. 

How could you not tell Justin. If it were me I would want to know. Wouldn't you? Especially after the last disaster. He's gonna get his heart broken again! I would definitely tell my friend. Although I am not sure exactly how close you are to him, but still!   Luv ya, Hollowdoll

Justin is the friend that has bad taste in men.  We used to warn him before but how much can you warn someone. I love him to death and last time he got tired of us warning him he stopped talking to us.  So I am playing it safe from now on.

What happened to your fan community?? I went to the page and it had been deleted.  I realise you were not affiliated with it, but can you help us out!xoxo

From what I hear, the fan community had an overdose of crazy.  I am not sure what is being done, but I am sure you can hook up with some readers or followers who do know.

Is Delusional Dorothy on a science-fiction television show.  Some of us have realized that 2 of the actresses in the notted list have sci-fi history.  Love your blinds.  Just found you on BlindItemsExposed and I am so glad that I did. Spending the day catching up in the gossipness.

Dorothy is not a sci-fi actress.  The list also have something else in common so back to the drawing board.

Gossip Boy,
Please calm my fears. I have heard rumors about a crazy follower you had that a community tried to say was you.  Can you please once and for all just finish this debate?

This is the only time, and the last time I will speak of this.  A un-named gossip community doesn't care for me or the fact that I write about some of their idols.  They have fought to discredit me and a crazy follower that I had played right into their hands.  I do not judge anyone, but the follower in question was one that I had to block early on after some disturbing messages.  I am not sure if he was in fact the follower behind out communities destruction, but readers seem to think so.  I want all of my readers and followers to know that if it wasn't for them, none of this would even be happening.  They are the loyal people that make me want to keep sharing everything and take the time for the blog. Everyone has welcomed me into their lives and accepted the real me.  It touches me and I hope that one crazy tweep didn't hurt to many people's feelings.


Anonymous said..., u are the best! and thank u for including us in your world...

Tara said...

GB, I do not care who you are. This blog is entertaining and hilarious. Either way, you brighten up my day and no one should take any of this too seriously. Keep it up GB, maybe you can replace Ted on E! soon

Rebecca said...

Thanks GB,but is there another fan community?What about all of the clues that we had gathered on there?Who is this crazy follower so i can beat his ass!!!

Anonymous said...

Timothy Olyphant. Down low. Love that. Thanks GB.

Anonymous said...

Hayden is a good actor, see 'Life as a House', Star Wars ruined his career.

Anonymous said...

Hayden is a good actor, see 'Life as a House', Star Wars ruined his career.

Hollowdoll said...

Thanks for clearing that up GB. I'm trying to keep up but there's so much good info to read and remember. I've had friends like that. It is so frustrating to have to watch the same car crash over and over and over.

Anonymous said...

My guess it was the spn gossip group that had the crazy fan. Sorry if that is true I love your stuff and I am a Devout SPN fan but I know we all have flaws and its fun to read about the gossip its a natural curiosity that keeps me coming back. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

What happened on the fan community?!?

Anonymous said...

Is there another community? if not I'm starting one!!!

Anonymous said...

I found this "community" seems nice