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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Dear Gossip Boy

Hi!I love, love, love your stuff--entertaining celebrity gossip blinds shared in fun snippets by someone who has an actual command of the English language.  Thank you so much! I'm so appreciative, however, that I almost feel bad asking for more, but there's something I've been really curious about. In your recent posting of photos from the MET gala, I noticed Josh Jackson and Diane Kruger. I just wondered if you might share your take on these two, personal impressions or whatever you may have heard. I know it's not really a blind item question but they seem like the real deal, plus I've always thought Josh seemed like a great guy. Just wondering if I'm right, or way off.
Thanks again!

Josh is the real deal.  Poor guy once thought he would be a big name.  Instead he lost his first love to Tom Cruise and never hit the A-List.  But he and Diane are a great, real couple.  No pretentious crap with them.

Dear GB,
Is it weird to hang out with a bearded couple? I can't even imagine if any of my gay friends pretended to date a woman. It is so ridiculous and half way hilarious, but it's a lie.  No one deserves that. It's not right to be forced to live a lie in order to do your job. But, I guess there are a lot of perks, right?

In a place like Hollywood, bearded couples are more common than the real deal.  Maybe not more common, but it's not like seeing a unicorn walk down the street.  Trust me, people are used to it.

Dear GB,
Don’t care who you are or if you are “really famous” or not. I just luv your site. I read it everyday and you never fail to bring a smile to my face. Thanks for that. I even created a Twitter acct to follow and I don’t even use it except to see what’s going on with you. Hope all is well in your life.
Health and Happiness,

Thanks, Love.  It's readers like you that brighten my day.  And the sexy gay guys, but whatever.  And you didn't even ask for dirt, impressive.

Gossip Boy,
I found a site that has so much evidence piled up that they say they have a spreadsheet.  They are convinced that you are Justin Long.  Can you let us know if we hit gold? BTW, Luv your blog.

I believe that I have been asked about being Justin before, but just in case I didn't......I am not Justin Long.  he is happily dating Drew Barrymore and not taking it in the arse.

Gossip Boy,
Your blinds are so obvious that I do not understand why they are even blinds.  I mean it's clear that Justin Case is Hunter Parrish and Rainbow Dark is John Krasinski.  They filmed It's Complicated and John is now engaged to Emily Blunt.  Seriously man, make it harder.

I love when people write to me to say that it's so obvious and then they proceed to tell me who are the subjects of the blinds.  It's even funnier when they are cocky like you only for me to say, WRONG!

Do you have any dirt on the CW gang?  I am a big fan of Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill. Please hook a sista up! XOXO

You must be new around these parts because you would know that this site is filled with hot Gossip Girl dirt.  You just have to know where to look for it.

Gossip Boy,
Ted is revealing his Glee Blind Vice on Monday.  Do you know who it is about? Care to scoop him?

Why would I scoop Ted?  That's his job, I wouldn't want to go mess that up.  If I did, I would just go to his site and get some stories from him when I am having a slow day ;-)

Gossip Boy,
Have you ever been in a movie with Keanu Reeves?  What is his deal?  Are him and Charlize friends or the next HW couple?  Love your site and LOVE the new Fashion Police.  Please keep them around.

Thanks for the love.  I have not worked with Keanu but I have hung out with him.  He is a decent guy that had a lot of bad luck.  He stays away to protect himself, not protect any secrets.  He and Charlize are old friends, so I doubt it.  But then again, you never know.  And the fashion police are not going anywhere.  You try telling Mavis Beyotch to do anything against her will.  She is one scary woman, plus Fat Ninja would kick my ass.  They are here to stay.

I love your site, but have a huge suggestion.  Your blinds are great, but maybe you should give them all names.  I like the mini blinds but it would be easier to keep track of if we had a reference sheet.  I know Ted does it, but it works.  Keep it up, Luv!

I have began to do such so that everyone can keep track.  But I don't know if everyone is with you on ending the mini blinds.  Let me know in the comments...

Gossip Boy,
Has Alexander Skarsgard ever been in one of your blinds?  I am dying to know!! Have you given him an alias? You rock my socks off GB!

Since I rock your socks off, I'll answer on of your questions. the rest is up to you to figure out.

Gossip Boy,
I think you are fake.  Ted, nor Perez acknowledge your existence.  No one does really.  How much longer are you going to try and keep this up.  Give you one thing, ur pretty funny.

I don't know what is funnier.  The fact that you classified Perez and Ted together or the fact that you took the time to write me to tell me that I am not worth the space my site takes up.  Yeah, how many times a day do you visit the blog?

Any dirt on the Losties?  I am mourning the show and preparing for it to end.  I think that some of the cast are not as sugary as they appear.

Matthew Fox almost had a stripper scandal, but a Bombshell dropped and no one thought about Foxie again.  The difference with the Lost cast is that they are adults and they care about the show, not the drama.  That cast is amazing and only one or two have some secrets they want to leave on that island.

So did Rob and Kristen reveal that they are dating to Oprah?  Ted is swearing that they did, but you said yesterday that he is full of it.  Even Gossip Cop says Ted is full of crap, so why is he saying it?

Ted is popular in this edition.  Anyway, if you want to know why Ted would say that, go to his site and see the 800 or so comments that post triggered.  He may be nearing the end, but Ted still knows how to work ya.

Have Kate Winslett and Leo ever hooked up?  Around Titanic time?  They seem pretty close now.  Fill us in, what is their deal?

Kate and Leo are close because they went through the Titanic experience together.  Quite like Rob and Kristen.  They are the only ones who can relate to that mind fuckery.  But Kate is not the kind of girl that Leo goes for, not at all.

I have noticed that Colin Hanks is getting married this weekend, to a redhead publicist.  Gigi just got married, right? Or would she happen to be getting married this weekend to Colin but told us it already happened to throw us off.  I think I am on to you, but I love you even more!

You are paying attention aren't you, super sleuth.  But just because Colin married redhead Samantha Bryant doesn't mean that she is Gigi.

Dear Gossip Boy,
I think I might have figured out who you are.  Are you by any chance James Van Der Beek?  I am a huge Dawson's Creek buff and the clues add up to James. Have you ever been married?  If you are Dawson, has he ever been a blind? Keep up the good work, loving the site.xoxo

Sorry to burst your bubble, but I am not the boy who lives by the creek.  And I have not written about James in any blinds...yet.  James is just trying to keep his career going, like any teen star who has grown up. Don't worry, he doesn't do anything too scandalous.

Dearest Gossip Boy,
Where has Bradley Cooper been?  Renee has been showing up everywhere without him.  Are they no longer pretending or just keeping it down low?

Bradley is actually in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania filming the new flick The Dark Fields.  He is trying to keep his underwear from being stolen again more than he is worrying about showing up with Renee.  Besides, his co-star Abbie Cornish is the one on the set we should be watching.  Josh Hartnett has been having many a late night visits with the actress, who recently broke up with womanizing Ryan Phillippe.  But Renee and Bradley do meet up here and there.  She actually surprised him on set not that long ago.

Gossip Boy,
What is going on with Reese and her new boyfriend?  How hilarious is it that his last name is Tooth.

Actually sweetie, his name is Jim Toth.  But you do know that he is a Hollywood Agent, right? So take from that what you will.  Reese looks happier than when she was "dating" Jakey.  You have to give Reese credit though.  Rumor is that she couldn't handle lying to her friends and kids, causing her to end her showmance.


dunc said...

Dear Gossip boy.
For a gossip hound you sure skimmed over the facts about Romeo ditching his long term love Macbeth without a qualm before getting himself royally screwed over by Confused Charlie, TWICE lol.

Is there a reason you only see Romeo's pov?

Anna said...

"Reese looks happier than when she was "dating" Jakey"?!?!?

Please, give us a break with that phony hag!

Reese Witherspoon did not end the showmance with Jake because she couldn't handle lying - Reese has no problem with lying, pretending and posing for paparazzi, she is doing that all her career, and I bet she wasn't the one to end the showmance either.

Like she's doing photo ops with her new "boyfriend" and using tabloids to sell "happier than ever before" PR shit - business as usual for fake-nice Witherspoon.

Anonymous said...

Bradley Cooper's underwear got stolen? Was that a blind at some point??

Anonymous said...

GB said Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin were the stars of the Golden Globe Blind Vice in which they, especially Anna, no longer hung with their cast mates like they used to, so Alexander Skarsgard was part of this blind.

Anonymous said...

This is a great site. Good spirit. Keep up the good work. I never figure the blind vices out but I find it strangely comforting to people are out there getting their freak on.