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Monday, May 17, 2010

Happy Penis Monday

Before you get any ideas, this is a penis monument we’re talking about here. The Chinese, in the most obvious case of overcompensating for something, actually built a massive steel and straw penis totem, named The Sky Pillar, in memory of the shaman Ewenki, an important figure in Chinese shamanistic mysticism. The Sky Pillar is supposedly symbolizing the Chinese’s pursuit of happiness and prosperity, proving that the East and the West have two vastly different ideas of happiness.

A few tourists have protested the Straw Penis but the majority seemed to not mind it, even if the monument does stand in the middle of a park visited mostly by children. But hey, if the local government won’t step in to flash your children, then who will?

Chris Meloni, come to Gossip Boy.  I long for the days of OZ when you would get random shots of sexy men and their peen.  Is it me, or does Meloni get hotter with every passing year?


rog457 said...

I really would like an explaination for the first pic. Where is that and why is it there? Just wondering.

Yes I agree he is getting hotter as with a lot of men older is better.

Felix said...

Gee rog457 it's a giant penis, just the sort of thing a mysogynist sociaty would worship.

Chris Meloni just gets better with age!

Angie said...

What...this is all we get today? Fail! Who wants statues??? *sad face*

Anonymous said...

holy fatwah... looks like a minaret to me!