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Monday, May 31, 2010

Hot Topics

Celine Dion is expecting twins and is already 14 weeks along, her rep Kim Jakwerth confirms.
The 42-year-old Canadian chanteuse became pregnant after attempting her sixth in-vitro fertilization and turning to acupuncture to improve her chances of a pregnancy.

“We’re ecstatic,” her husband/manager Rene Angelil tells People. “Celine is just hoping for a healthy pregnancy. She was hoping for one baby and the news that we are having two is a double blessing.”
The twins will be joining big brother Rene-Charles, 9.

Miley Cyrus came out with a new song that pretty much told everyone that after she was done working her way through her co-stars, she plans on ending back up with Nick Jonas.

Chace Crawford took to Mexico with his family for the Memorial Day weekend.  Not only did Chace show off his rocking body, he also brought along Rachel Uchitel. Yes, that Rachel Uchitel


Jolt said...

Rachel? that's a joke, right??
Not only does it make no sense for him to be around that skank, but to bring her along on a family vacation?

What's the punchline?

oh, and dayumm, he is looking mighty lickable...just wanna pull those shorts down.

Anonymous said...

Um..he dresses like that with his parents and sister? pull ur pants up, ew

Anonymous said...

So at the same time the gay rumors are going into overdrive Chace just happens to invite "the" straight guys' go-to mistress-skank-famewhore on vacation? The guy doth protest too much, methinks...

BobNYC said...

Just proves skanks aren't afraid of a little Herpes. She maybe the only one who will go with him now until the meds fully kick in.

Divide by Zero said...

Uchitel? Really? Wow, your already low stocks just fell a little further, Chace.

Anonymous said...

Skankitel??? Of all the bimbos to pick from he chose HER?? Quadruple EW.