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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hump Day Humper

The poll this week was very close.  I asked you which person you would totally hook-up with, but would never admit to anyone that you did.  Reality star Brody Jenner beat out the other nominees, including Robert Pattinson by a measly 5 votes.

If you do not know who Brody is, he is the son of Bruce Jenner and a cast member of the MTV "reality" show, The Hills.  The sexy guy was also a model for OP, Cosmogirl, Agent Provocateur, and OP.  Of course he also dated a couple of the girls from The Hills and has fallen into a category where no one really takes him serious.

That all being said, this guy makes me drool every time I see him.  I don't know if it his sexy eyes that make me wanna jump his bones or it is that curly hair that I just want to run my hands through.  Either way, you have decided that you would totally let him rock your body, even if you kept it one of your darkest secrets.

This week Brody Jenner is our Hump Day Humper.  A straight guy in Hollywood that is too easy on the eyes, but not so easy on the heart.  What is it about Brody that gets your blood flowing?


rog457 said...

Very nice, certainly humpable, but

I dont get the tat, does is say Brody on the other side? Is that like when you went to camp as a child and your mother sewed your name in all your underware so you wouldnt lose it?

Is it to remind himself or for others so he can be returned home if lost?

Anonymous said...

It is the whole package, those dark sultry eyes, that thick black hair, those beautiful toned legs, and of course that beautiful chest and so kissable lips. Wow, he makes me wet! LOL! Have you ever seen him smile? Whoa, he makes your heart stop!