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Saturday, May 15, 2010

In Memory Of Heroes And Flash Forward

It seems like it was only yesterday that we were being told to "Save the Cheerleader, Save The World." And with those six words, a mystery unraveled. We were drawn in as ordinary people realized that they had extraordinary abilities and eye candy Milo Ventimiglia was just an added bonus.

Heroes may have survived longer had it not had so many issues behind the scenes. It survived the writer's strike, but barely. So many people were hired and then fired, or simply quit, on the production staff that it took its toll on the show.

Heroes did however make big names out of some of it cast,  Zachary Quinto and Hayden Panettiere in particular, and finally got everyone to realize what an amazing actress Ali Larter really is. Though the writing and storylines often varied, you could count on the cast to pull it together. Their stellar performances week after week are what made Heroes the diamond in the rough. And I shame NBC for not having the guts to take the time and repair what they damaged. They had laid the groundwork and had something amazing on their hands. They managed to have superheroes on a television series and not have it seem cheesy. Some couldn't do that ( Birds Of Prey.) If they had managed to get a good staff for the next season, it would have been ratings gold. NBC has lost just about every show over the years that had made them relevant. Now the only thing they have going for them in 30 Rock, SNL, and Parenthood. They even canceled the grandfather series of the network, Law & Order. I don't know if they plan on letting The Biggest Loser carry them or if they are banking on Danneel Harris and her Friends With Benefits, but it's clear NBC is on the path to hell. 

And now on to the oh-so-early murder of Flash Forward. The series was originally intended to be aired on HBO, but they sold their option as they believed it would do better on network television. ABC then snatched it up and the series was thought of a new LOST for the network, since their goldmine show was set to go off the air at the end of the season. But ABC effed up royally with this show in my opinion. They shoved it on the air in September and people caught on to the show. How can you not be intrigued about a show that's sole premise is about that the entire world blacked out at the same moment and all had flashes of the future.  And not to be outdone in the eye candy department, they boasted the sexiness of Joseph Fiennes, and Jack Davenport

It's cast was very talented and the show had complete promise to become what it was intended to be. If ABC had thought it through completely, they would have waited to premier the series. Their mistake was getting everyone hooked on a show that they were soon going to be ripping off the air for a hiatus due to the Winter Olympics. When Flash Forward did resurface, nobody knew about it. ABC didn't exactly scream out that it would be back on. They were too busy making us watch LOST and shoving their promos down her throats. IF ABC had thought it though they would have placed the Flash Forward pilot to premier directly after the finale of LOST.

LOST fans are going to be having one hell of a heart attack when their beloved show takes its last bow and what better way to help them is there then a new show that has about the same level of What the fu*k is going on? What ABC didn't realize is that LOST and Flash Forward attracted the same type of viewers. If they had capitalized on that one simple fact and milked FF as the new LOST, then they would have another seven or eight years of a phenomenon.  Hell, Flash Forward's cast even had a couple of LOST's cast-offs!  But like NBC, they royally screwed themselves. 

Word is that Heroes may have a mini-series or a movie that would help fans deal with the tragic loss and wrap up all the loose ends. NBC didn't even care about fans enough to give the dedicated viewers a finale that they deserved. Hopefully HBO will take notice of ABC's stupidity and snatch Flash Forward up. Puh-leeeeeese

Now if only we can get CW to keep Life UneXpected and my guilty pleasure, Melrose Place, I might just not have to go ape shit on them.


Anonymous said...

Stuff like this makes me wonder how network execs earn their pay. Seriously.

touched said...

Nicely Written, I was P/O'd when I heard, invested time and TIVO space for both. Heroes should, at the very least get some sort of conclusion. FF just made me mad, and I deleted my season pass and episodes I had stored. I will use that hour to catch up on awesome gossip blogs.

AsstGeek said...

Couldn't agree more on all counts. Network programming execs could be replaced by trained monkeys, and no one would really know the difference. Oh, things might make more sense with the monkeys.

But you KNOW, GB, that Friends with Benefits will run for years! (Or at least until Columbus Day.)

FF lost me when they went on hiatus, and this is so exactly my type of show!