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Monday, May 17, 2010

Lea Michele Speaks Out

Yesterday morning, Glee star Lea Michele took to Ryan Seacrest  radio show to address the rumors of her past affair with a then engaged and now current co-star Matthew Morrison

Seacrest didn't beat around the bush when asking Lea about the rumors that have been following the stars.  As she took a break from sound checks for the upcoming Glee Tour, she danced giving a straight answer.

Lea laughed as Ryan asked her about her past with Matthew Morrison. 

"I really don't have to answer that question..." Lea laughed, remarking that she has known him for years and that people are just looking to cause drama for the newly famous cast.

Lea could have easily just disputed the rumors, as Morrison did.  However Lea felt the need to keep everyone wondering, which proves that this girl knows what she is doing.  Lea seems to be ready to cause a stir or whatever it takes for everyone to take notice.

Lea is a talented singer and a great actress, but the publicity path she seems to be on isn't going to suit her.  She will end up as the next Paris Hilton, but with talent and a little more class.

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