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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lindsay Lohan Vs. Amanda Seyfried

Not only has Lindsay Lohan claimed to have lost her passport, preventing her from making it home from Cannes before her Thursday court date, but now she has decided to become a straight up skank.

You all remember when Lindsay was still mildly popular and starred in the classic Mean Girls with Amanda "It's like I have ESPN or something " Seyfried.  Well Amanda has recently been dating her Mama Mia co-star Dominic Cooper, who just happened to be in Cannes last night with a certain hot mess named Lindsay.

Numerous reports are that Dominic and Lindsay were heavily flirting all night and dancing so close some people thought that they were having sex on the dance floor of the Belvedere.  Lindsay was either so wasted she didn't realize that she had wondered back over to penis territory or she just doesn't give a damn about anyone but herself.  I am gonna go with the last option.

Lindsay was reportedly between the actor's legs while he dance over her on the couch.  Lindsay had better watch out, she was already a target after having her body guard escort some unwanted guests away.

Poor Amanda, though.  During an interview with Teen Vogue recently, Amanda said that she wasn't sure if Dominic was her soul mate or not.  I am going to say no, Sweetie.  And I am entering this as evidence.  If your man isn't smart enough to NOT mess around with the biggest walking disaster ever, then you need to dump him.  Lord knows what Lindsay will send him home with.  Hopefully, something they make cream for.


Anonymous said...

...there are a lot of manwhores of woodyland coming out this the new trend???...yie yie..

Divide by Zero said...

All I can say is...EWWW.

Felix said...


Anonymous said...

Mr Cooper is a skank. But, yeah, bring on the manwhores - always kind of fun reading about them.

Anonymous said...

Some people just aren't that smart. When they met, during the filming of Mama Mia, he was in a relationship with a girl(his childhood sweetheart, I think, but don't quote me on that part), whom he promptly dumped for Amanda. She should be smart enough to NOT be seeking security from this guy.
There is nothing that can be said about Lohan that hasn't already been said. She is truly a massive highway pile-up of a wreck.