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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Meet The Gossip Boy Fashion Police

Mavis Beyotch

Mavis is a stubborn woman who speaks her mind and is not afraid to let you know that
you look like trash, Darling. She comes from class and it oozes from her pores. Don't 
cross her thinking she is a sweet old lady, 
she will crush you and still make it
to the early bird dinner
 on time.

Fat Ninja
Fat Ninja may not look like someone that has their ear to the fashion world,
but when she isn't off delivering ninja-ness, you can
find Fat Ninja with the latest copies of Vogue and and drinking a Cosmo.  Don't let
Fat Ninja's looks deceive, her words are as sharp as her
Zipper Pull is our token gay Fashionista.  Not only does he know what is in, what
was last year, and what will be popular tomorrow, he knows when there is 
a fashion fail and won't hesitate to tell you.  With his sexy
southern drawl, his words may seem sweet,
but Zipper Pull won't think twice
before telling you that you look like shit.


Anonymous said...

Are these real people or just more Alias' for GB?

Felix said...

Welcome Fashion Police!!!!

Hollowdoll said...

Totally luv the fashion police! As Clairee says...
If you don't have anything nice to say about anybody, come sit by me!

BobNYC said...

Oh GB you ARE hysterical. Looking forward to hearing from each of the Fashionistas!

Anonymous said...

...glad to meet ye three...