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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Meet The Sex And The City 2 Hunk

Noah Mills is the new hunk that is setting hearts aflutter in the Sex And The City 2 movie, playing the latest love interest of Kim Cattrall's Samantha.

Due to the fact that he will be involved in sex scenes with resident slut Samantha, you can expect too see Mr. Mills in a very hot nude scene.  Sadly though it is just his ass.  However, judging from the look of his swimming trunks in the picture above, it's either very cold or there is a reason he isn't pulling a Giles Marini.

The model turned actor is from Baltimore, MD and is single.


Anonymous said...

looks like he did a little bush trimming between the two pictures.

Anonymous said...

maybe he's a grower not a shower.
..and go b'more!

Anonymous said...

I second the go B'More!!!

Anonymous said...

His face definitely gave me a wide-on, but I gotta wonder about the smallish bulge.
I'll just imagine him as a grower in my mind!

Anonymous said...

The world will still rotate on it's axis if he doesn't happen to have a big prick! Is that all their is to the life of a gay guy?

Jolt said...

while the water may have been chilly...note that he has on a purple suit on under his he's already snug in the inner pair..the wetness of the shorts wouldnt reveal much.

I cant believe we, I, scrutinized that pic so closely! lol

SoSueMe said...

Who cares if he is small or large...he's hot! There is a whole body to explore outside of what is going on between his legs!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I think those shorts say it all - along with his bitchy interview in the NYPost this week dissing Kevin Bacon for going nude. Noah says his "integrity" is the reason he won't dare to do a Gilles. I say it's small penis syndrome. Either way he comes off as a douche when he's tries to equate nudity with moral integrity.