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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Michael Bay Fires Megan Fox From Transformers 3

Paramount has dropped Megan Fox from third installment of Transformers and the man behind the decision was none other than Michael Bay.  The director is said to have decided to find a fresh face as the token hot girl. 

This is a huge blow to Megan Fox's career, especially after her disaster Jennifer's Body.  Could her remarks comparing Bay to Hitler have payed a role in this decision.  No one knows for sure, but I smell revenge in the air and Michael Bay served it up fresh.

Back in October, Bay announced that he had scheduled Transformers 3 for July 1st, 2011, and made a point to warn Megan personally about the risks of this new installment:
"P.S. Megan Fox, welcome back. I promise no alien robots will harm you in any way during the production of this motion picture. Please consult your Physician when working under my direction because some side effects can occur, such as mild dizziness, intense nausea, suicidal tendencies, depression, minor chest hair growth, random internal hemorrhaging and inability to sleep. As some directors may be hazardous to your health, please consult your Doctor to determine if this is right for you."

If Megan doesn't get it together, she and Brian Austin Green will soon be off to has-been world to live happily ever after.


Ellie said...

LOL, I get that she has a big mouth but Transformers 1 & 2 benefited from the horny 12 - (infinity) boys who watched the movies just so they would see MF moving lusciously on a motorcycle or the hood of a car or run while wearing a top barely covering anything (Baywatch anyone?).

Anonymous said...

Wonder if it's true that he molested her when she was younger.

nellyb said...

Maybe he can find some tranny-hookers like he did in New Mexico while filming Transfomers Revenge of The Fallen. You know alot of the movie was scrapped and put together because of the stolen laptops by the tranny-hookers.

Ellie said...

Who? M Bay molested M Fox? ... Where did you hear that?

Anonymous said...

Megan Fox is waaaaaaaaaaay too hot be ever be a hasbeen, she's otherworldly hot, she'll always be in demand.

Anonymous said...

@Ellie, I thought I heard it at BlindGossip, so that's why I only said I wonder if it's true. I really don't know.