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Monday, May 17, 2010

NBC Fall Previews..The Ones Worth Seeing

NBC is becoming more colorful and trying to save itself from eternal damnation. At it's upfronts today, it released previews of the upcoming fall shows. Of all of them, these are the four that I deem watchable.

Friends With Benefits, starring our own little Frozie, looks surprisingly promising. I must admit to everyone that I was once a fan of Frozie's during her OTH days and in that aspect I am excited that she is back on television. I just wish she would have found her fame while she kept her clothes on.

Harrys Law stars Kathy Bates, which in my opinion is enough for anyone to watch it. And better yet, the first shot of the preview shows Bates smoking pot while watching Woody Wood Pecker.

Perfect Couples had me howling at the computer as I watched these hilarious couples try to ...well try to be couples. The best part is the American Idol "audition." Classic lines in this preview promise that this show will be a hit.

Love Bites stars Ugly Betty alum Becki Newton in her first starring role. I don't know if she will be able to step up and carry the show, but the preview looks very entertaining.

Hopefully NBC will not ruin these series like they did so many others. If you ask me, they need a new head of programming.


Anonymous said...

those were some stupid stupid shows trying way too hard. love bites shows some real promise as a retred of love american style. good choice on their part.

Radha said...

Damn, I was all set to hate Friends With Benefits, because I'm not a huge fan of Frozie's.

It was actually kind of cute. PLUS she wasn't using her child-voice.

Colour me surprised.

Anonymous said...

Is FWB dead in the water? Bo summer showing? Bummer!I wanted it to be a hit!!!

Anonymous said...

I HAD to watch it and it was as bad as I thought it would be. Train wreck but I will watch all of the episodes so I can laugh, not at the poor jokes but that Frozie actually had a party to watch this mess!!

Anonymous said...

Call me dismal ratings grand dame -Friends with Benefits (Premiere) 0.7/3 2.37
Friends with Benefits 0.6/2 1.99

Even her fans couldn't watch the second episode!!