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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ryan Murphy Defends Diva Lea Michelle

While rumors circulate with reports of Glee star Lea Michele becoming the Diva on set, Ryan Murphy, the show’s creator and director, defends the singer, claiming Lea is nothing like the rumors suggest.

“[The rumors are] not accurate and not true at all,” Murphy told PEOPLE at the 69th Annual Peabody Awards in New York City on Monday, where the hit musical was honored for its achievement in diversity and content. “Lea is the sweetest, most professional girl. She’s incredibly kind and she’s always on time and she’s always with her cast hanging out. They’re all close.”

“I told Lea this would happen to her in July of last year. Just wait, people will start to write untruths,” says Murphy. “I told her, ‘Keep your chin up and it just happens. It’s happened to me and it’s happened to everyone. So don’t pay attention to it.’ But it’s definitely not true. Lea is great.”

So do you believe him? Is Lea really a diva without a cause or is she just an easy target?


Anonymous said...

She's probably a little bit of both. I'm sure she has her Diva moments but I think overall, she's probably a nice girl.


*Miss_P* said...

She definately has potential to be a total diva, I suppose she feels like sje's paid her dues on broadway so is entitled to act like a bitch at times

Felix said...

I am sure she is like any of us, and entitled to "off" days, we all have them.

Anonymous said...

well he has a show that needs ratings and fans so of course he would defend her. of course she's a diva.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure she's a diva now that Ryan Murphy has released a public statement about the incident which means that she and the show get more attention. Diva, but it's not something new in Hollywood. Maybe you need to be one to get some respect?