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Monday, May 3, 2010

South Park The Reason For Times Square Bomb?

This might sound stupid as hell, but there is a connection between the Saturday car bombing attempt in Time Square and a retaliation against Comedy Central for airing the infamous Mohammed arc on South Park.  If you all remember correctly, an episode featuring the prophet Muhammad purportedly dressed in a bear costume had bleeps and "Censored" blocks slapped liberally throughout to remove all audio and visual reference to the prophet. 

The censorship followed a warning from a New York-based group of extremist Muslim converts that was in so many words, a death threat. The group, via its website, had reacted to the episode of South Park  by saying its originators, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, "will probably wind up like Theo van Gogh".

To underline the point, the website carried a picture of Van Gogh, the Dutch film-maker killed in 2004 after he made a documentary on the abuse of women in Muslim countries, with his throat cut and a knife in his chest. They also listed the New York headquarters of Comedy Central, the cable television channel that broadcasts the show, and South Park's production company, adding: "You can pay them a visit at these addresses."

And then the fact that the explosives-laden SUV was parked right next to the headquarters of Comedy Central's parent company Viacom, quickly gained popularity Sunday, with no less than a New York Congressman -- U.S. Rep. Peter King -- among those who called the connection "a possibility."

Those Bastards were trying to kill Kenny!

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Those Bastards were trying to kill Kenny!