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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Tila Tequila Clings To Celebrity

It was reported that the VH1 reality series Celebrity Rehab was in desperate need of a cast for it's next season.  With cancellation threatening the poor excuse for a show, the only think that bothers me is that I am oddly attracted to Dr. Drew.  And without this television show how will washed up has-beens find a way to not only try and get the spotlight back on them, but to try and get clean.  This might be bad reality television at it's finest, but the overall point of the show is a good one.

That is until VH1 decided to let Tila Tequila become a cast member for the upcoming season.  First of all, the only addiction that I know Tila to have is to attention.  The "celebrity" blogger, singer, and reality star has often come up with numerous ways to keep her name relevant.  After her two bachelorette-style dating shows, Tila became the crazy person in the Twitterhood.  Now that she is finally slipping out of the public eye, VH1 pulls her out of it's back pocket to save the day.

VH1 should take note to the fact that putting Tila on any show of theirs knocks them down a couple of levels.  Dr. Drew is sexy, but not sexy enough to watch him try and save this train wreck of a person.


Anonymous said...

Welp,another show that won' be back next season now! She will even bring Dr Drew dwn with her burning ship!

Anonymous said...

That man is sexy whatever he does! ;)