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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Week In Review

David Boreanaz joined the ever growing list of unfaithful, married celebrities.  Somehow, I think if he would have pulled this shit with Buffy, this post would be about the disappearance of David. 

As if Jesse James could sink any lower, it was revealed by one of his sluts that Jesse was still texting her even after he and soon-to-be-ex wife had adopted baby Louis.  I'm sorry, but I find it ironic that Jesse had any part in adopting a baby that was anything but white.  We've all seen the pictures.  Hopefully, Jesse will ride off into the sunset with some skank on his motorcycle.  If Sandra doesn't own it now.

Mr. and Mrs. Mariah Carey got married yet again this week.  Isn't it like the tenth time now, isn't it?  Why the need for all the damn ceremonies?  We know you scored a young man Mariah, and someone should explain to her that no matter how many times she convinces him to say the vows, he still only has to divorce her once.

Fox crossed the line by editing a minute and a half from Lady Gaga's performance and she was not happy about.  I don't blame her at all.  All they had to do was cut some of Ryan's feeble attempt of being entertaining and stop making those poor crying kids sing after you tell them they suck and have to go back to their shit-tacular town.

Lost smacked us in the back of the head this week and reminded us that with only a couple of episodes left, no one is safe.  And to prove it to us, they killed of Sun, Jin, and Sayid.  Poor Sayid killed himself by saving his friends from a bomb in the submarine, but died in the course.  And in a death scene that rivals the most tear-jerking Titanic scene you can imagine, Jin vowed to stay with his wife Sun, who became trapped in the submarine after the explosion.  As the water poured into the sinking submarine Sun and Jin held each others hand, not letting go until they were both gone. As Jack, Kate, Sawyer, and Hurley swam to shore they realized that they had just lost 3 of their friends. It hit them and one by one they began sobbing, Jack being the worst.  As he stood in the ocean and sobbed, I sat on my bed feeling as if I just lost people I actually knew.
The World mourned the loss and we have realized that the brains behind Lost just upped the anty.  No one was safe anymore.  And then there were 4.....


touched said...

LOST was tragic, so sad, but, threw a great slant on remaining eppies. I have invested years of my life and am down with whatever they(darlton)feel they need to do to conclude it.

rog457 said...

Jesse James should ride off and never be heard from again.

Lost had me in tears, that final shot of Jin and Sun with their hands floating apart was heartbreaking.

Love this new feature, catches me up with anything important I may have missed.

Anonymous said...

David Boreanaz is just ... so meh. So predictable, sizzling-hot tv star hitting his 40's ... and all the a$$ he can get. Sigh. Another one bites the dust, I suppose.

freckledk said...

When Hurley began to cry, I totally lost it.

I think Capt. Frank Lapidus may have pulled Jin away and to safety. And I wonder if Sayid will reappear; he *died* when they drowned him in the temple, and the Candidates are apparently unable to kill themselves. I'm hoping for a happy ending, anyway.

Oh! I'm totally going to miss that show.