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Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Week In Review

This week we lost some very important people.  Gary Coleman was someone from my childhood, someone I grew up watching.  No matter what his life turned into, the actor will be missed.  It saddens me deeply as when I first heard the news of his head injury, I feared what would come.

Slipknot bassist Paul Grey also passed away this week, leaving fans in mourning and bringing his band mates out  in support, and plain faced.

And then the week ends with another blow as we lose Dennis Hopper.  Sadly though, anyone who knew Hopper also knew that he didn't have much time left with us.  Someone who has left his touch all over the history of Hollywood, Hopper lived a full and fantastic life.  And now that we have paid tribute, it's time to laugh.

In Scream 4 news, Variety reports that Hayden Panettiere, Rory Culkin, and Emma Roberts have all signed on for Scream 4.  In related news, Kevin Williamson just sold out and finally killed my favorite movies EVER!

LOST fans around the world waited for the big payoff in the series finale.  For six years, Losties have waited in anticipation for this moment that was about to bestow upon them.  And what happened?  The same thing that happened after you waited all of those years to finally get laid.  Not one motherfuc*en thing.  So if you missed the finale, don't fret.  So did everyone who watched it.

 Lindsay Lohan's court appearance became must see tv after a week of dramatic season finales.  Not only did our favorite party girl manage to get out of going to the big house, where Sam Ronson would have been replaced rather quickly, but Lindsay made SCRAM bracelets have their best week ever.  Teenage girls everywhere are plotting to get them now.  Way to go Lindsay, you big trendsetter you!

American Idol crowned it's ninth Idol this week, Lee Dewyze.  He beat out Crystal Bowersox by only 2% and shocked everyone by taking the title.  Not that the boy isn't good, but Crystal is the next American Idol.  Besides, the whole show was a tribute to the departing Simon Cowell anyway.  And Idol answered the age old question.  How many washed up acts can you get on one stage in two hours.  And let's not forget the guy who came up with the idea to let Paula take the stage after filling her new prescription and hitting the local liquor store.  I thought she was either going to pass out from that tight ass dress or tumble off the damn stage.  Best part was when Abdul would deliver a line she thought was hilarious and then pause for the crowd to laugh....which they never did.  Take a hint!
Megan Fox was kicked out of Transformers 3.  And I mean kicked hard.  To make up for it she has decided to be a bitch to her fiance's Brian Austin Green's baby mama Vanessa Marcil.  And my money is on Vanessa.  Did you watch her on General Hospital?  So Shia will now be lovin' on Rosie Huntington-Whiteley as she is his new leading lady in the flicks.

Miley Cyrus decided to be a douche and announce her hatred of Glee.  Honestly, musicals? I just can’t,” the mouthy 17-year-old told Billboard magazine.“What if this was real life and I was just walking down the street on Rodeo Drive and all of a sudden I just burst into song about how much I love shoes?”  Hey Miley, we know it's not real dumbass.  It's called a movie, and acting.  You know, that thing they want you to learn how to do.  I mean come on.


Anonymous said...

..miley, miley...u should be so lucky as to break into anything!!!..great week in review

Anonymous said...

I'm already sick of Miley, not that I was ever a fan. Glee is a smash hit while her movie tanked. I guess her comments are the Hollywierd way of expressing jealousy.

Felix said...

It has been a week of loss.....may they rest in peace.

Hopefully Lindsey will finally get that wake up call before she ends up one of the untimely losses.

As for AI, second place is better positioned than the winner, no?

Miley, Miley, Miley, still so much growing up to do.

Anonymous said...

I cannot stand precocious Miley and her cock sucking shaped mouth, either but she is entitled not to like Glee! I'm not a fan of musicals either and have no interest in Glee whatsoever!

Anonymous said...

Thats fine, but I think GB meant because of her comment about musicals not being real.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, that pic of Miley and her dad looks really incestuous. Ick.

Anonymous said...

actually, this is the first thing Miley has said that i'm behind. Glee and musicals suck ass. But I guess I'd have to be gay or a fat housewife to appreciate the show/genre.

Anonymous said...

Or artistically mature enough to understand the point of it. But I guess because I am not a homophobic narrow minded jackass who sits at home on the net with a bottle of lotion and is "dating" a "supermodel" in some foreign land, then I can't understand your point.

Anonymous said...

"actually, this is the first thing Miley has said that i'm behind. Glee and musicals suck ass. But I guess I'd have to be gay or a fat housewife to appreciate the show/genre."

This was uncalled for. Glee is definitely NOT my cup of tea but you do not have to attack the people that enjoy it. Simarlarly, I do not quite understand the comment of the individual above. A musical is a musical and if you do not like musicals, then you're taste levels, exposure to culture or artistic maturity are irrelevant.

Anonymous said...

Billy Ray watching his daughter give someone a lap dance is giving me the creeps as much as Pappa Joe Simpson and his initimate knowledge of his daughter's breast size. Just. Ewww.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but the picture of Billy Ray and Miley gives me the serious creepies......