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Monday, May 17, 2010

Welcome To The Ryan Phillippe Gun Show

Ryan Phillippe spent the weekend out with his children Deacon and Ava while their mother Reese Witherspoon spent time with her new man.

While Ryan was out, he decided to give us a little something something to perk up our Monday morning.  Ryan showed off his buff arms and bulged in all the right places.

Even though Ryan has a bad reputation, you gotta love his sense of humor.  After realizing that his quality time with his children was being compromised by a nosy pap, Ryan whipped out his camera and began returning the favor.

And how adorable are the little ones?  Mini-Reese is obviously becoming used to the paps as she shield herself with books.  Guess she didn't inherit her mother's genes to be PR queen.

Ryan has a film titled The Big Bang Club.  The film tells the real-life story of the Bang-Bang Club, four South African photographers whose images documented the bloody end of apartheid. Phillippe stars as Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Greg Marinovich. which filmed in South Africa.

Phillippe described the filming process as "really run-and-gun. There were no comforts, and I actually appreciate that". He noted that the experience has impacted him, explaining that "we were shooting during the day in Soweto, and it was an endless procession of funerals—death is so common. Kids there have no quality of life. It has made me want to get more involved in Africa-based charities.

In the summer of 2010, Phillippe will begin filming The Big Valley, a movie based on the TV series, alongside Susan Sarandon, Billy Bob Thornton, Richard Dreyfuss and Bruce Dern.

Also in the works for Ryan is a Showtime project with his long-time friends Breckin Meyer, Seth Green, and David E. Siegal, with whom he runs a production company called Lucid Films. Phillippe is becoming more actively involved in his films as a producer, and he and Meyer are currently "getting a show going for Showtime", serving as producers.


Anonymous said...

Is it just me, or has Ryan been getting his mojo back since breaking up with Reece.....

Anonymous said...

Lots of things come back when you get far enough away from Witherchin....