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Friday, June 4, 2010

Dear Gossip Boy

Dear GB...

Been following you on Twitter from the beginning & also the GB blogsite. I'm not expecting this question to make the 'Dear GB' post, as not sure if necessary to fuel the fires so to speak. But since I haven't seen it pop up yet, just thought I'd ask your take on it.

In a recent Ted, he answered the question this way: 
Dear Ted:
Crescent Kumquat has become quite popular these days—almost as popular as Toothy Tile! I wonder if his costars know what's been going on with him lately? Also, how is he doing since we last heard of his herpes situation?
Dear Popularity Contest:
I don't think Cres will challenge T2's B.V. throne anytime soon (Toothy has his own friggin' website after all), but C.K. is definitely loving his time in the limelight—and trust, he's been having plenty of fun lately. Some of his costars are aware of his skanky habits; others remain in the dark.
After that, several comments posted that were equating Toothy's website as being Gossip Boy (and have to admit that popped into my head too) there a connection?  What's your take on what he threw out there?
Finally, keep up the good work. Enjoy the GB site and tweets. Being around..and out for quite awhile, have seen a hella lot that would frost many in middle America, and being one who doesn't judge how other's choose to live their lives, it's fun to try to match the clues and hints to the names (especially having an inside track on  those of us riding the other bus lol)

I don't think Ted was speaking about Gossip Boy when he mentioned Toothy's website.  I am pretty sure he meant this one.  Just so you all know, I am not Toothy Tile.

Dear GB,
Love your blog and I could care less who you are. I used to work on a television show that you often speak of and that how I know you are legit.  Not only have I heard some of the same stories, I saw one with my own two eyes.  So I have a question for you.  What do you think about the cast of V?  Anything we should know about?

The cast of V is just starting out but most have been around for awhile. I know of one person on that cast who likes to have some fun.  And when they let the fun take over all bets are off.

What's the deal with Sunshine?  If she really had sex with her co-star, wouldn't we have heard about it?  And is she named Sunshine because of her long blond hair and blue eyes or because she is a ray of sunshine?
Lori Anne

Lori Anne,
Sunshine is just a woman who wants to find that fire that love brings.  As for her name, it has nothing to do with either.

Have you ever made out with Reese Witherspoon?

God, NO!

Gossip Boy,
Are you Alec Baldwin? Love you!

I am a lot younger than Alec, though back in the day he was quite the looker.  I'd still do him, I hear he is a little kinky.  As for who I am, I think that people have gotten to carried away about my identity.  You are forgetting that this blog was intended to just be fun and you should take it as such.  Just sit back and enjoy.

Is Rock Jock Joe Jonas?  It would make sense with Camp Rock and Black Sheep would have to be Demi.
Keep writing!

RJ and BS are not Joe and Demi.  I could say you are close, but everyone already knew that.

Gossip Boy,
Why would you go to these lengths to reveal your co-workers and friends secrets?  Don't you think that is two-faced? Not that I don't love you! What if they found out?

This is all in fun and as much as I work with these people, you have no idea what it is like to be friends with people in Hollywood.  They are all actors and a lot of them forget when to stop.  This World is so fake, I don't consider many people in it my true friends.

Gossip Boy,
With news of Chace being busted for pot in a car with a "friend" last night, I have to ask.  Where were you?

I wasn't with Chace.  I am starting to feel bad for the poor guy.  It seems that things are getting hard for him and he cannot do anything anymore without a shit storm. 

Is Delusional Dorothy and Mr. Public Scarlett and Obama?

DD is not Scar and Mr. Public is not Obama. But you are on the right track in a matter of speaking. 

Gossip Boy,
Have you ever hung out with Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes?  Is Tom really insane...something is off about him.

I have been at the same events and I know Katie more than I know Tom.  But I don't know them well enough to pass judgment.  I would say that Tom seems to be the guy who wants everyone to love him.  Maybe he got picked last a lot.


udontknowme22 said...

Hey Gossip Boy... I don't care who you are ! :-O I just like reading your snarky ass comments & hearing Hollywood scoop...okay... all the hot guys posted might be another reason, LOL !!!

Anonymous said...

..thanks for the blinds. i still enjoy all this and i was a "v" and "flashforward" fan..

Anonymous said...

I feel kind of sad that you don't have any true friends GB. :-(

Anonymous said...

"I feel kind of sad that you don't have any true friends GB. :-("

Ummmm..... he does.

Just not in the Hollywood bubble.

Anonymous said...

It's exactly the reason GB said above that I could not imagine living or working in Hollywood. A friend of mine lives there and even down to the non starlets, she says everyone is just looking for people they can use in some way. So you think they are a friend and then bam! you realize that really they wanted a specific thing like meeting someone through you and then you just feel stupid. So many people are just desperate to get into the biz.

Hard way to live I would think.

Anonymous said...

So GB isn't Jake G? Well now what?!