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Friday, June 4, 2010

Ed Westwick As Confused As Chace Crawford?

Okay, so maybe not in the same capacity, but Ed Westwick seems to be a little confused when it comes to ex-girlfriend and Gossip Girl co-star Jessica Szohr.

For a guy who went around town smack-talking the girl he told everyone had cheated on him, he sure seems to be pretty cozy with her these days.  Ed is still telling everyone that he is single, which totally explains why Jessica is up his ass.

Jessica knows she did something wrong, so wrong in fact she hoped on a plane very spontaneously to London to try and change Ed's mind when he dumped her sorry ass.  And knowing Ed, I am sure that he is letting her kiss his ass right now to get back on his good side. 

Despite the rumors, Ed was in love with Szohr and planned on being with the actress for the long haul.  I'm sure that he will let her back in, but he is making her jump through hoops to get there.  And reminding her by telling the entire world that he is still single doesn't hurt.

It's like when Ed was spotted out with a friends wife shortly after the break-up.  He was only doing it to make Jessica feel the same way she made him feel and I am sure it worked.  Trust me Jess, he will get back with you for real, but you had better not screw it up again.  I don't think anyone can hold Chace back this time for hurting his BFF.


Lana said...

I don't think Chace deserves all the stick he's been getting lately, despite whatever he's done to GB or anyone else he seems like a sound guy. Hold him back? cute of him to defend the bff, I say don't bother next time let him at her she deserves it. Jessica is hot but the way she treated Ed really lowered my opinion of and respect for her. Once a cheat always a cheat Ed, get rid of her you deserve better.

Anonymous said...

..all the cheating and animosity going on is enough to drive a person to drink.. yeesh..

Anonymous said...

Why the hell would he go back with her? He can get over her and find a better girl, I dont think he will,he might think that right now but soon enough he will be over it and on to someone else.

Anonymous said...

The fact that Jessica's on indefinite hiatus from GG now means she's got to find some work - most of which is in H'wood. Maybe a long distance romance while Ed's filming next season will take care of things naturally ... she will screw up again, I'm sure.