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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Kristen Stewart Covers Flaunt Magazine

Kristen Stewart covers the latest issue of Flaunt Magazine looking very dark and mysterious.  The magazine's latest issue sheds light on the careers’ of Emile De Ravin, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and Chris Egan with each of their interviews taking place in a vastly different locale. From Emile bathing in a sun drenched concrete vista at the top of the most scenic mountain in Malibu, to Morgan discussing his new endeavors while lounging in his Mediterranean style home situated in Studio City, and lastly Egan the Aussie giving his interview from his bed in a seaside motel while on set. 

The three actors have each been in prominent works, however they all ascertain that their future roles are what will send them to the major leagues. From their charm, wit, and apparent good looks each of their spread’s in this issue lives up to the periodical’s promising name and Flaunts their attributes with true Los Angeles flare.

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Anonymous said...

This bitch is such a sour puss. I am so sick of looking at her miserable face.