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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Glee Filled Post

I love Glee, even though we have had our ups and downs.  I was excited when Broadway star Idina Menzel joined the cast and called the whole Rachel Mama Drama storyline before it happened.  And when Shelby told Rachel that she felt their time had passed and she felt as if she couldn't be the mother she needed, I slightly understood.  Slightly.

But last night when Shelby and Rachel had their final conversation, I realized what was about to happen.  In the most clever labor scenes I have ever seen, Quinn gave birth to baby Beth to the tune of Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen.  And as Quinn and Puck stood outside the nursery and realized they weren't keeping the baby, Shelby made her entrance and ending up adopting the baby. 

The problem with this is that Glee pretty much had Shelby trade in her newly found daughter that she had supposedly been broken up for years about finding only to realize she wanted a newer model.  As Rachel put everything out on the table for her birth mother, your heart just broke as Shelby shot her down and told her that Rachel was too old for Shelby to suddenly become a mother to. 

Heartbreaking and just mean I think.  And how weird is it if Finn and Rachel marry then he becomes the brother-in-law to the girl that he once thought was his.

But in the good news, Rachel kissed Finn and then Finn told Rachel he loved her before then went on to sadly lose the competition.  But the season finale was amazing, with Jonathon Groff killing it on Bohemian Rhapsody and Matthew Morrison sending us off for the summer with his romantic rendition of Somewhere Over The Rainbow.  I  cannot wait for next season with the promise of Brittany and Santana overload!

Also, Glee got the honor of gracing the cover of Emmy Magazine and here are the breathtaking photos.


udontknowme22 said...

ok everyone, don't hate :-) but I loved Sue in this episode and her saving Glee club was perhaps one of the best parts for me! Don't get me wrong... I loved Finn & Rachel, Puck & Quinn, and pretty much everything else... but Sue was AWESOME !!! :-D

Michael said...

But the real burning question left is whether Jonathan Groff will return next season?? His 6 month London theater commitment makes it seem all very unlikely :(

Anonymous said...

Wtf is with that picture of Puck? It looks like one of those really bad photoshop pics.

Anonymous said...

I love these pictures, esp. Kurt's! I loved Sue, too! It's been so nice seeing that she does have a heart these past few episodes. I've got to admit, I didn't see the Shelby-adopting-Beth twist coming. I thought Quinn and Puck would end keeping her!

Felix said...

I loved the tears Sue shed listening to the rendition of "To Sir with Love" very touching. Sue likes to be the heartless bitch, but she does have a smidgen of heart left.

Hollowdoll said...

So awesome that Sue saved the day. They are portraying Shelby as a selfish bitch. I am not liking her character right now. They did a good job but I wasn't too thrilled with the last two songs.