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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Jennifer Love Hewitt Catches Cheating Ex

Jennifer Love Hewitt visited 'The View' Wednesday and proved that she is not the girl to cheat on. She revealed that an ex had cheated on her for a year and a half. Though didn't reveal which of her exes was the dirty cheater, said she found out when she checked his email.

"I'm really happy I did it and I would do it again," she said. "I was really curious, I knew in my gut that something was going on. I checked, and I found that out of the almost two year relationship, for a year and a half, he had been having relationships not just with one woman, but a few."

Jennifer said that after suspecting that something wasn't right she got a little nosy.  

"He was caring more about his appearance, [he started] to work out more... where is that coming from?" 

Candidates are Ross McCall, Carson Daly, Will Friedle, Joey Lawrence and Rich Cronin.

You go J. Love!  


Anonymous said...

Probably Carson Daly.

pusssykatt said...

Why not Jamie Kennedy?

Marie Lexingdale said...

She gets around it could be anyone

Anonymous said...

It's only someone who she has been with for two years, per her quote. Those are the exes she has dated that long. I also looked it up. It's like a blind we can actually solve

pusssykatt said...

According to whosdatedwho, it looks like the only 2 she dated for 2 years are Carson Daly and Rich Cronin. If I remember correctly, she and Carson were not friends after they parted...but it could also be the other guy.

Anonymous said...


Fake my ass....

Anonymous said...

She told that story on the same day Spadr was on, how coincidental, since he is of the same ilk as her ex

IrnBruKid said...

I’m going for Carson Daly.

>Dated Jennifer Love Hewitt from 1997-1999. She broke up with him by telling her publicist, and Daly first heard about it on the radio rather than from Jennifer herself.< Source:

If that isn't the actions of a scorned women, I don't know what is.