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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Lindsay Lohan Vs. SCRAM

Lindsay Lohan has been under fire after reports the her SCRAM bracelet was seen going off at a party on Sunday night.  It was an after-party for the MTV Movie Awards and people all over were saying that the red lights were furiously blinking on the star's ankle.

At 3 pm today, a meeting was held in the Beverly Hills Court House consisting of some very important people regarding the SCRAM bracelet going off.  Lindsay took to her twitter and announced that she SCRAM bracelet did not go off.

But many sources have claimed that Lindsay was not sober that evening and one source claims that she knows for a fact that Lindsay was trying to outsmart the device.  However, the device is very sensitive and the alcohol was flowing at the party.  It is possible that something was spilled on it or it caught a whiff of it. 

Lindsay recently completed the classes she was ordered by the court to take and will be wearing the device until her July 6th court date.  That is unless she ends up drunk in the gutter first.


Felix said...

Would'nt surprise me she will claim her "cough" mixture set it off.

Anonymous said...

She is a compulsive liar as much as her parents. There's a bench warrant out for her arrest and a new bail amount. She is a fool.

Callie said...

Am very anxious to see what excuse she comes up with this time. Like the fumes from all the other drinkers, or someone spilled alcohol on her. Why doesn't the judge just put her in jail now?? She's been coddled and patted for far too long. Seriously, LL's next stop is a coffin.

Anonymous said...

The company already confirmed the monitor can tell the difference between alcohol spilled on it versus from skin. She was probably hyped on the narcotic pain meds she got for her teeth (that were so painful just a day ago) and forgot about the monitor, and started drinking... Lying is part and parcel of being an addict.