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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Dear Gossip Boy

Dear GB,
Where have you been? We have missed you and I am beginning to wonder if you haven't given up on us! Please come back soon, I'll do anything!

Someone has to make the money in this family. But I'm back, now let's discuss what you are willing to do.....

Gossip Boy,
Since you've been gone a lot has happened, but one thing that hasn't occurred is the break-up of A.Skars and K.Bos. Is there an end in sight or has this hot hook-up turned into the real thing?

Trust me, this is the calm before the storm.  Soon they will be shoved down our throats once again, but I doubt there will be wedding bells in the future.  Then again, who would have thought Tom Cruise would ever pay Katie enough to marry him?

You totally called the Megan Fox and BAG wedding to cover the fact that his ex was getting married.  Even though Megan beat Vanessa Marcil down the aisle, which marriage do you see lasting longer? Come back soon!

I think that both marriages will last long, but for different reasons.

Dear GB,
I have two questions for you. I'm just inquisitive. How many people ( i.e. celebrities, publicists, agents) in Hollywood read your blog? I feel like you must be talked about out there. And, how many people know your true identity?
I'm not sure if anyone in HW actually reads the blog.  I heard some talk about it one day from some people at CA, but that was it. Only a few know who I really am, and then you have the ones who think that they know.
Dear GB:
First off, I'm a huge fan and want to thank you for all your work. 
My question is about Matt Bomer...what do you think of him? Have you checked out Whit Collar? Did you ever meet him/work with him/something else (ahem!) with him? What do you think of his back-tracking, closet-wise?
Thanks! Keep up the great work. And don't sweat the small stuff.

I met Matt once back in his soap opera days and I think that he is just an actor who is serious about his work and doesn't feel the need to fit any stereo-type.  I don't think he back-tracked, just let it be known that he doesn't care about the rumors. He is a pretty decent guy, just not that entertaining.

Hi GB,
So glad you are back - we all missed you (we seriously did) very much!
I have two questions for tomorrow's "Dear GB":
1. What's going on with Rainbow Dark and Sunshine? What have they been up to lately? Did they break-up or did they finally get married? ;)
2. So......did Delusional Dorothy actually hook up with the public figure she was interested in? Again, what has she been up to lately?
Many thanks and tons of hugs from Toronto!
Rainbow Dark and Sunshine have come to an agreement that allows them both to get what they want.  If I told you what it was, you would know who they were, so I will keep that to myself.  Let's just say that Sunshine is calling the shots now and RD is not really in the public eye these days.  As for Dorothy, she seems to have moved on, but I hear that it was only after a couple of late night meetings with Mr. Public.

Dear Gossipboy,
Since I am a mother, I'd like to know your take on the current crop of Disney stars (Miranda Cosgrove, Jonas Brothers, Demi Lovato, etc). I've already had to ban Miley from my t.v. but what about the kids on other shows? Are any of them scandal free enough to allow my children to become fans?
A. Mother

I wouldn't worry too much about the remaining Disney kids.  Since you already banned this generation's Britney I think that you are okay.  Although you may want to keep an eye on Demi.  I would recommend her old bff Selena instead.  Selena walked away for a reason.

Hey, GB, 
What do you think of True Blood getting a best drama nod, but Alex Skarsgard not getting a supporting actor nomination?  I think it's ridiculous.  He was the reason season two popped the way it did.  He stole every scene he was in and he and Allan Hyde made the Godric story very moving.  It wasn't Maryann who got the audience hooked and the critics interested!  Nor, frankly, was it Bill or Sookie.  I think Alex deserved the nod.  
I'm sorry but I do not agree.  Yes Alexander should have received a nomination considering that if you Eric and Alex are complete opposites and anyone that can pull of that deserves an award.  However, Maryann scared the living gay out of me and I am sorry, she is the reason for season 2 popping.

What is going on with Jensen and Jared now that they are married? Is Danneel really running the show?

Jensen and Jared aren't as close as they once were, but rest assured.  I'm sure the two men still love each other and they still spend a lot of time together.  Now only if they can get their wives to get along I am sure that it will go a lot more smoothly.


Anonymous said...

But are Jared and Jensen still IN LOVE with each other?

Felix said...

Oh, crap. Re ASkars and Bonesworth. Just hoping that LVT bans her from the Swedish location because of her pap whoring ways.

So happy you are back GB!!!!

Anonymous said...

So happy you're back, GB!!!

Agree with the A.Skars and K.Bos. comment. I expect photos of KB showing up in Sweden will be released soon.

Anonymous said...

Oooo nooooooooooooooooooooes! I want Jared and Jensen to be together and close forever. Did Jared break Jensen's heart?

Anonymous said...

The Askar's comment makes no sense whatever... who wouldn't want to marry Askars???

Anonymous said...

I am absolutely convinced Askars and BosHo are in a showmance that will last until next fall when Straw Dogs is scheduled to be released. And since BosHo made a point to announce this "vacation" in Sweden, you know we are going to see every outing captured by the paps. At this point Askars is as guilty of famewhoring since he is obvious so willing to go along with it. I think a wedding will happen if Askars is truly fearful that being Bi will or is hurting his career. So sad, I was once a fan of his.

Nini said...

Welcome back and thank you very much for answering my questions, GB ;)

Anonymous said...

Did part of GB get deleted? I see a picture of Jared and Jensen, but no question and answer about them.

Anonymous said...

GB, I disagree. I think Maryann was the worst part of S2 True Blood. I watched it despite her.

Anonymous said...

To 12:24 you need to click and drag your mouse above the photo. It's like invisible ink.

Huzzah said...

You people sound as crazy as those Robsten/Twilight freaks. Jesus christ, you're probably all grown women too, right?

Stop being a coward and come out already GB, instead of hiding behind a computer talking about the lives of others.

Anonymous said...

I hated the Maryann storyline and I almost stopped watching bc of it. I'm glad I didn't bc season 3 is great and yeah Alex deserved a nod...

Anonymous said...

Gossip Boy is full of crap.. those two guys were never IN LOVE.

A, just A said...

*pointing upwards* You sick sick nonnie!! GB's words are "They still love each other". You twisted it into "they are still in love", didn't you?? That's it, you need help. No more fanfics for you. :-P

Anonymous said...

It's clear to see that Jensen and Jared continue to share a close relationship with each other from watching them at the recent conventions. They are back up in Vancouver working 15 hour days/5 days a week so like it or not, they are spending a lot of time together. Married or not, these guys are close and love each other, whether its platonic or not, they do and I find it refreshing to see these two interact with one another. We all should have someone who finishes our sentences and gives us the "coffee lid off their own coffee cup when our lid is torn". Supernatural fans know what I'm referring to. My hats off to these two men (no pun intended).

A, just A said...

*pointing upwards again* I agree. And it's the fans with the dubious, self-appointed goal to crush the gay rumors that make things seem dramatic when they most likely are not. They're still friends, they're still working together. I'd say the job and the money and whatever it is that they have between them outweight the little things. So please, bitter fans, quit playing moral police.

Glad you're back, GB! Still, you do what you gotta do. We fans want you to have as much fun with the blog as we do. It's not a job! It's fun fun fun! Love you!! xo

udontknowme22 said...

Yeah! Back from vacation and some new Gossip Boy to read :-D Glad to hear from you Gossip Boy!!! Interesting on the Demi Lovato thing...never could warm up to her and I am very glad my daughter never really cared for her!!

entertainment crumb said...

What's with the haters recently? Anyway, welcome back GB! And if all the blind items that are supposedly Demi Lovato are true, she's on the fast track to Lohanland.

Anonymous said...

About Jared and Jensen. GB, have you seen their pics from Comic Con at San Diego, last weekend? They are as close as ever. So, I don't know why you said they're not close as they used to be.
Nope, you are wrong. Their smiles are still there. When Jensen being pictured with Danneel, he's just smirking, not smiling. And a good thing Jared was not in a pic with the wifey. I think he would look really bad if he ever being pictured with her.
So, they are still as close as they ever be.

Anonymous said...

Funny that GB was gone working and the other day I was over at my mom's and noticed my #1 GB guess on one of her soaps.

Anonymous said...

A just A, idiot, I wasn't commenting this particular post, I was saying that they were never in love as GB tried to put down our throats many and many times. Big difference. I don't doubt Jensen and Jared are still very close and good friends.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, GB. You were missed. And yeah, you are read in Hollywood. Or read by people who work on movies anyway. Not always sure if they are one & same.

Anonymous said...

So was the agreement between rainbow dark and sunshine a marriage? That leaves only a few options of recently married couples.

Anonymous said...

If anyone thinks Skarsgards stupid facial contortions amount to 'acting', then I guess he does deserve some kind of award. He's gotten worse this season. Maybe he will be nominated next year? Maybe it's considered his 'nuance'? Do they have awards for that?

Hollowdoll said...

I've seen the new comic con videos, Jensen and Jared definitely still have that spark! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hollowdoll - do you think its a sexual or platonic spark?

Dragonlady said...

Dear GB

If Ginger doesn't wanna do it I will!

sing it like a school girl! Dragonlady wantsa threeway...dragonlady wantsa threeway...

I think BoBNYC wanted in on this one too. LOL

Glad your back!! xoxoxo

Hollowdoll said...

I have seen too many videos, pics and interviews not to believe they have more than platonic feelings for each other. How far it's gone I couldn't say.

Anonymous said...

GB, what was that crack about 'somebody has to make a living in this family'? You're man isnt pulling his weight?
Bomer is a cool guy and also has a family he is dedicated to.

Anonymous said...

Dear Gossip Boy,
Did Will Smith have an affair with Charlize Theron, Stuart Townsend or Tom Cruise? They all disappeared around the same time ( after Hancock).