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Monday, July 5, 2010

Go Puck Yourself

Glee star Mark Salling celebrated July 4th by laying poolside and giving us another reason to drool into our cereal this morning.  Mark hung with some male friends and not with any of his latest flings. 


Anonymous said...

...soakin' in some rays..sounds perfect!..

Anonymous said...

There are some pretty credible reports going around that this guy recorded himself having sex with his girlfriend in high school secretly without her knowledge, and then distributed copies to his friends after they broke up. Of course his friends in turn passed it along to others, and it eventually ended up ruining this girl's reputation and life in her home town.

Anonymous said...

Any comments about his new nipple ring??

Anonymous said...

his nipple ring isn't new, his character puck had one in the first season of glee