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Monday, October 11, 2010

Glee Does The Time Warp

With the best holiday ever right around the corner, Glee is celebrating Halloween by doing what they do best.  A Rocky Horror Picture Show tribute is on the horizon and the first shots have been released.

Newcomer Chord Overstreet will be the delicious Rocky while Chris Colfer is portraying Riff-Raff.  Finn makes an adorable Brad while Dianna Argon and John Stamos round out the cast.  Does this mean that Matthew Morrison will be the sweet transvestite from Transylvania?  And I wouldn't mind Chord being in the penis covering rag that Rocky wore in the original.  Cross your fingers for a new Penis Monday candidate.


A, just A said...

I sooo want to see Glee's tribute to Rocky Horror!!! It took me forever to watch the film, but once I did, I fell in love with it. Should be really, really great.

And I kinda thought maybe Finn/Cory would be playing Frank (yeah, I just wanted to have it rough). But Will/Matt is quite likely going to blow my brains out. Yay! ;-)

Anonymous said... so liking Chord Overstreet and looking forward to the Halloween epi...should be fun..

Anonymous said...

Wow, that should be fabulous. Adore Rocky Horror and I think Glee should do a fantastic rendition!! Can't wait.

Anonymous said...

Does anybody go to the theaters and play along with RHPS anymore? It would be funny if the writers could incorporate that into the show. they certainly would make the original more popular because everyone how has never seen the original would go looking for it.