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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Lea Michele Gets Gleefully Naked

Pictures from the upcoming issue of GQ have been released and they feature three stars from the FOX hit Glee.  Lea Michele, Dianna Argon, and And Cory Montieth grace the pages in some very interesting shots.  While Dianna and Cory manage to maintain their innocence, Lea Michele dropped her clothes at the door.

Seems to me that if a certain star wanted to make it big, she would be able to do it with her clothes on.  But then again, I guess attention is attention no matter how you look at it.

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Anonymous said...

Ah Delusional Dorothy.....can't she be a little bit classier?


Anonymous said...

This site is boring now, it's just copy and paste of old news from other sites :(

A, just A said...

As soon as the new season of Glee started, I was disturbed by something that was obviously not the same. Leah's figure. Not that I couldn't tell it's still her but she looked different to me. Way different. In a bad way. She's super skinny. Like crazy kind of skinny and it doesn't suit her. Makes me sad. She seemed ten times prettier in the first season of Glee.

These photos I hadn't seen before. Don't surprise me, though. Just sad.

I'll remember you the way you were, Leah. Back in 2009.