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Monday, January 3, 2011

Hail Mary's Road To Hell

Hail Mary was once thought to be the sweet, innocent type.  If you recall, she went to great lengths to keep that little good girl image.  All while she partied her little nose off and passed time with her lame bf while secretly hooking up with her oh so sexy ex boyfriend.

 Since we last heard about Mary, Mr. Lame actually grew a brain and realized that Mary wasn't the girl he thought she was.  I guess the wild sex was as crazy as he liked it.  But, Mary was too busy with other things in her life falling apart to worry about Lame.

Turns out that Mary's image had been tarnished by some stories that had leaked out to the public.  Damage control set in and Mary did everything she could to try and salvage what reputation she had left.  Word went around town as Mary was obviously trying to sober up.  Until one last hit came and her personal life fell apart.

I could easily tell you what the tragedy as, but in doing so I would reveal Mary's identity.  But it became clear that Mary no longer cared about said reputation and has embarked on her personal highway to hell. 

Poor Mary's family isn't even stepping in to help, which in my opinion has pushed Mary further over the edge.  it's hard to realize that you're just a meal ticket.  Even Mary's ex wants nothing to do with her these days.

Someone should reach out soon, before we have another Britney Lohan fiasco.

It's Not

Selena Gomez
Miranda Cosgrove
Lea Michele


*Miss_P* said...


carrie said...

yeah! Miley for sure

Anonymous said...

Miley Cyrus or Demi Lovato were my first thoughts, but Miley fits the clues oh so much better.

Anonymous said...

What is the "tragedy" - the bong???

Demi had more of a "tragedy" happen to her lately, didn't she?

Megz said...

"Until one last hit came" - Miley forsure!

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking the "personal tragedy" referred to may be her parent's divorce. The way it's worded about her personal life falling apart, I could easily see that as something with her family. And the bong picture thing came pretty quickly on the heels of the announcement.

Anonymous said...

Lovato's family has been with her through treatment, so this can't be her.

Ms Kelz Y said...

Demi Lovato!

Anonymous said...

Nah, like the guy above me said, Lovato's fam's been with her in rehab.

Vicky said...

This is so Demi. The reference of "hit" is clearly when she hit her backup dancer. And the ex that wants nothing to do with her is Joe. And while her family is "there", I doubt they are there for her. Rumors and BV's suggested that they only used her for a meal ticket. I mean- they went to the movies for her one night out for Christmas- a place where there is no talking. And the photos showed a miserable looking Demi not even walking near her sober faced family. Miley hasn't faced any tragedy- just stupidity. Demi is the poster child for tragedy.

entertainment crumb said...

I think its Miley, the tragedy being her parents divorce. Her mom seems to be an enabler and her dad seems to have given up.

Anonymous said...

At first I thought Demi Lovato but the blind says that this person's family is not doing anything to help her and Lovato's family put her in rehab. I think this is Miley. I thought "one last hit" referred to Demi hitting the dancer but I now think it's referring to the "salvia" bong hit. Her father released that statement that stuff was "out of his control now". And the personal tragedy is her parents' divorce.

Anonymous said...

It's Demi and sad to see her even more out of control but also funny to watch Disney trainwreck scandals

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Demi, but also could be Miley at the same time.

Mr Lame : Avan
Sexy ex : Liam

And Miley parents seem not take any problem she has seriously