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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Happy 25th Mario Bros.

Super Mario Bros. turns 25 and some celebs have come together to wish the video game a happy anniversary. I am posting this video partially because of Penn Badgley. He doesn't get enough credit as a Hollywood Hottie and I think his part in this video shows his cute irresistible side. But this is one Gossip Guy that is totally straight, and trust me I would (kinda) tell you if he wasn't.

Anyways, if you were alive in the 90's and not living under a rock, you know who the Mario Bros. are and at some point in your life have played at least one version of the game. Rachel Bilson, Penn Badgley, Jane Lynch, and Chris Colfer are all featured in the video.

So today, everyone play Mario Bros. or at least hum the theme whenever you have a moment.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

..ooh that Penn Badgley is such a hottie! Easy A was easy on the eyes because of him...i should request Penn for our Monday Peen line up, eh GB?