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Friday, January 7, 2011

Holly McGee Vs. The Monster-In-Law

Holly McGee always carried herself with such poise and grace that it's hard to remember that she doesn't come from money.  She is one woman who actually moved up in this business by using her talent.  Holly worked her curvaceous ass off and it paid off.  She is a young woman with money, and her name carries respect.

Holly never was one to go through men, she only had a handful of men attached to her throughout her long career.  And best believe that our Holly was always the one calling the shots and getting everything she wanted.  Her current man, who is also in the business, isn't on her level of stardom, just the way she likes them.

However, as willing as he is to follow Holly's orders, his mother isn't.  And his mother has been around a lot lately, practically living with the couple.  Whenever she sees that Holly is getting to full of herself, she reminds her son he is the man in the relationship and practically shoves words down his throat.  She might as well attach strings, because he has become her puppet.

Holly isn't liking the change in her man's loyalties and it had become an all out war.  He has no idea that this war is going on behind his back and Holly has decided that the only way to win is get rid of the momma.  First she bought her a cruise for a birthday present to get rid of her.  But Mom wasn't going anywhere and donated the cruise as a prize in a silent auction.  Holly even enlisted the help of her man's family to get momma out of the picture for awhile, but to no avail.

What Holly doesn't know is that Mom has realized that she is trying to be given the slip.  Holly better pay close attention, because Mom is sneaky.  She was seen having lunch with Holly's ex and even tried to invite him to her birthday party Holly was throwing, claiming that he and her son should become friends.

I'll let you know who wins this war.  My money is on Holly though as she always tends to get what she wants.

It's Not:
Katy Perry
Reese Witherspoon


Anonymous said...

J Lo?

This sounded like Monster-in-Law - lol!

QueenB said...

I was thinking MC and Nick Cannon

Anonymous said...

Damn! Sometimes I wish you'd just tell us who these people are. Curiosity is starting to affect me badly and of course, the names are not coming to my mind...

Why is it so frequently that the guy's mother is a real psycho?

GuestGuesser said...

So why doesn't she tell her man it's either mommy or me? Simple, really. But I have no idea who it is.

Homo Genius said...

What exactly has happened to Anniston recently to "drive her to drink"? Some bitter old british hag (looking at you Rupert) dishing about her flops doesnt seem like it would dent Ms Annistons facade. Plus she was paid WELL for those flops and is still getting that friends money. Little J doesnt have a lot to be be upset about. She gets paid WELL and isnt playing "moms" or "cougars" like most other actresses in her age bracket.

If it was her maybe she was simply celebrating all of Angies recent bad press!

So GB. Were you at the PCAs or is this just dirt you were filled in on?

Anonymous said...

Hadn't noticed the image here is a gif! Very cute (and I'm tempted to save it although I might never have any use for it)

i don't care said...

jennifer love hewitt? i believe she's very close of her mother and i believe she was in holiday with her and her boyfriend recently

BobNYC said...

Good one! Jan. 2012's reveal is so far off. Great Site redesign! Looks terrific! Glad you're back!!!!!

Anonymous said...

No idea who this is, but ultimatum time, me or her. If he chooses momma, kick him to the curb!

Anonymous said...

I'm almost positive this is Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelley

Katemonster said...

Katherine Heigl fits the bill for sure but is there anything to suggest Mrs Kelly is hanging with them?