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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Howard K. Stern Not Guilty

Howard K. Stern was fighting the accusation that he was in on a plan with others to fuel the late Anna Nicole Smith's drug habit, and today he walked away a free man.

Out of 9 counts, Stern was found guilty on 2, the others were thrown out by the judge who found them unfounded.

Howard has been fighting for years to prove that he was simply in love with Smith and never did anything to hurt her.  If you as me, he may not have done anything to harm her, but he has some secrets with Smith's baby daddy that they are keeping hidden.


Jules said... Password protected?? Is this your fan site GB?

Anonymous said...

Hey Jules! That's the forum where the fans of GB hang out, yes. It is open to guests but there's one part of the discussion that is for registered users and password-protected. If you register, you can send a message to the mod there and you'll get all the help you may need.