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Monday, January 10, 2011

Lindsay Lohan Back In Public

Lindsay Lohan is back out in the real world.  The actress, and I use that term lightly these days, made her first public appearance last night as she sat courtside and watch the L.A Lakers beat the New York Knicks.  Lohan hasn't really been seen out since her release from the Betty Ford clinic on Jan.3.

Lindsay is trying very hard to get her life together, and I commend her for that.  I have said it before, she had star potential that was killed by her money hungry parents.  It's been a rough road for Lohan, practically expected to overdose any day.  But my hopes are that she proves everyone wrong and returns to her rightful place in HW.  I mean if Drew Barrymore can do it, why can't Lindsay Blowhan Lohan?

Sadly, Linds still has one more legal hurdle to jump.  The L.A sheriff's office is investigating claims that Lohan assaulted an employee of the clinic in December.  And even though the victim herself isn't pursuing the matter, the witch hunt still goes on.  Leave the girl alone and let her get her shit together!


udontknowme22 said...

Okay, I know a ton of people will not agree with me (and that's okay :-) but I am really pulling for her!! Her parents are ugh... yeah, and she obviously hasn't made the best choices about who she surrounds herself with, but I still wish her all the best of luck & and would love to see her make a comeback!!

Dragonlady said...

I agree with you, udontknowme22. She seems like the type of person who could be a real sweetheart...if someone could just love her for her. I wanna just give her a great big hug and feed her chicken noodle soup till she gets right.
I don't even care if she makes a comeback if it puts her back where she was, maybe she needs to get away from the biz and be away from it all, and not just in rehab and jail.
The Dragonlady feels sorry for her, wow what next? fuzzy puppies?

udontknowme22 said...

Good point, Dragonlady... perhaps it would be better for her if she completely left the biz & dropped out of the fishbowl for a while... might have more success with her treatment! Oh, and LMBO at the "great big hug and feed her chicken noodle soup till she gets right" ... I know exactly how you feel :-) Just feel for the kid... :-D

udontknowme22 said...
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