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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Mel Gibson's Likes Sex Rough?

As if Mel Gibson hasn't had enough blows recently, it seems that his ex, Oksana Grigorieva is back spewing accusations.

Oksana testified under oath Tuesday in court that Gibson liked to beat her during sex.  This is a huge claim that she has never mentioned before in any interview with police, only claiming to have been stuck on Jan. 6 2009 by her ex.  However, she now states that Mel had performance problems and took to abusing her in order to become aroused.

I think that Oksana has realized that Mel has no credibility anymore and she thought that no matter what she said, anyone would believe it.  She isn't holding back in her attempt to win custody, but we hear that Mel has some tricks up his sleeve. 


Georgia said...

Mel Gibson is a hot mess anyway. He needs to leave town and stay out of out sights

i don't care said...

she yet lied about the teeth photos and the photo with baby so Gibson can be alcoholic and abusive but she 's only interested by his money(and since the begining)

Anonymous said...

...what a sad state of affairs...