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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Meet Donny DivaSmith

Donny DivaSmith is a well known actor who has spread his wings throughout Hollywood for years.  He started out as a charmer to work with.  Very polite and respectful, just like his mama raised him to be. And that is what got him the attention of the ladies on the sets.

Donny loved the ladies, but he had no idea how to work them.  Talk about embarrassing, this poor guy once turned to ice when a stunning A list woman introduced herself.  After that failure, a co-star of his took DDS under his playboy wing and schooled the actor on how to date in HW.

The plan backfired in my eyes because soon DDS became our generations Casanova, putting guys like Colin Farrell to shame.  DDS then realized he could have everything he wanted, exactly how he wanted it.  His OCD seems to have kicked in because his friends say that he began demanding things on set be a certain way or else he walked off.  One day he proved his point, holding up filming because his water was kept in a cooler directly with the ice instead of being stored in an  air tight sealed bag to keep the "ice germs" from contaminating the bottle of water.

He has begun to demand that his conquests shower completely before they have sex and allow him to manicure their lawn.  He feels that the germs could possibly hurt his award winning member.  He recently tried that with a female co-star,who laughed her ass of while she got dressed and left.

His current co-stars have had it with his ridiculous requests and time consuming rants that they have begun to tamper with his trailer.  Hope he gets a new toothbrush soon.  Then again, he is so clean, how dirty could his toilet have really been?

It's Not:
Alexander Skarsgard
Ryan Gosling
Ryan Reynolds


pomme said...

OK,he's a blond actor with some awards.
Dicaprio? even if he seems a few old

Anonymous said...

Why do you say it' sa blond actor?

pomme said...

because the yet eliminated guys are blond and around 30 years old too

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing Chris Evans based on this very scientific evidence:

1) The blonde wig in the "co-star" link reminded me of Anna Faris.

2) I like the idea of Robert Downey Jr., ScarJo, Sam Jackson, and Chris Hemsworth getting together to mess with someone.

Anonymous said...

Ryan Gosling is a "NOT" or it would explain why we haven't seen him with a date in a long, long time.

Canuck said...

Two Canadians and a Swede, all blonds in the NOTs. Although I'm pretty sure we'd happily declare ASkars an honourary Canuck after a game or two of "The Beerhunter" if he wanted to be one, lol

So, which male blond Nanook of the North, Canadian or Scandanavian fits the bill?

Anonymous said...

Leonardo played a famous person with ocd so maybe some of it rubbed off. All the nots have done tv and movies, Leo fits here too.

Anonymous said...

Leo is also close to his mom. I think she raised him as a single parent.

Anonymous said...

Toby Maguire perhaps. He was raised by his mom and has played a superhero like Ryan. I think Gossip boy worked with him and is friends with his current co-star kitty

Urno Talbot said...

Bradley Cooper, he is supposedly now just a pig. Either he's trying to fight the gay rumors or he has really come out of his momma's boy shell.

Anonymous said...

wings - the aviator
ocd - the aviator
the pic - dicaprio