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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

NBC's FWB: Sink Or Swim

About a year ago this time, I actually recall looking forward to seeing this new series that NBC promoted at their upfronts.  As the year progressed, Friends With Benefits never appeared on my screen.  Then NBC had the brilliant idea to play it during the summer, when nothing much else is really on network television.

Now this show is clearly NBC's attempt at a new, up-to-date Friends with a splash of Scrubs.  When I first realized I was watching the show, Danneel "Frozie" Ackels was riding a subway getting sick from drinking too much.  And I didn't realize it was even her for another 15 minutes.  Girl looks completely different than from what I remember.

While the show does have it's funny moments, it's painfully clear that the cast is trying to hard.  While each actor and actress is funny in their own way, they seem to lack the chemistry that makes me give a rats ass about them.  True I have seen every episode.  However, not much is on television this time of year.

Jessica Lucas, from the revived Melrose Place, plays a barmaid named Riley who ends up sleeping with her rich, nerdy friend Aaron, played by Zach Cregger.  The writers seem to be trying to make them a couple to root for, but watching them get it on was as exciting as watching commercials for ABC's The Chew.

The problem is that none of the relationships have the chemistry to be believable, with the exception of Danneel's character Sara and her FWB Ben.  They are the only pair that actually hold my attention and have a spark.  Sure Ryan Hansen is nice to look at, but his character Ben is a believable one.  Not like Riley who apparently had sex with someone in a bee costume?

The show is trying too many things and needs to pick a path and go down it.  Show us that they are friends, make us care.  Or else you can take your benefits and shove 'em.


Jaime said...

Weird, but I thought just the opposite. I didn't care at all about the main characters (and "Sara" is probably the most annoying and unlikeable character on show), but I liked Riley and Aaron. And I actually thought Riley and Ben had way better chemistry in episodes 5 and 6. They should hook up eventually. Plus, Jessica Lucas is gorgeous, so that doesn't hurt.

The black character has his moments, but he seems to be something of a stereotype ("smooth" black guy who's popular with the ladies).

Anonymous said...

I tuned in by accident on the first night and to watch because I'm a big fan of Jensen's and thought I'd make up my own mind about Danneel (so many have said she's a talentless hack). Have to say, I don't think she can do serious acting and her role in this was okay. I agree it was trying too hard and I lost interest and didn't care about any of the characters. I really thought the guy Sara hooked up with an ass. So...I don't see long for this show and I don't think NBC does either - they haven't done anything to promote it. Too bad Mrs. Ackles will be out of a job soon. Wonder if she'll head on up to Vancouver to spend time with her delicious hubby.

Anonymous said...

I really really wanted to like the show so much that I set up a Tab for it on my recapping site......but alas I have removed it. It's like you said, they characters try to hard and it even harder to really care about them. I actually find Danneel character the most annoying because despite being a doctor she seems to lack commons sense. I do love Jessica Lucas and I think I watch now just to see her again on television. I do believe its not only doomed to fail but the twelve episodes the filmed will certainly be all we get to see if it.

Welcome back GG


Anonymous said...

I have to say I should have reread my post so many typos :(

Anonymous said...

Still love the Frozie name. But I have to admit watching her, she did look cute. I wonder if she and Jensen are happy? Wish GB would give some dish on the boys rather than D. Haven't heard any gossip about J2 in forever. Guess all the hoopla before the weddings was press? Because right before they were everywhere on gossip sites. Now, nothing. Hmmm, PR or the real thing?

Anonymous said...

Danneel I've heard is fine but a bitch. She's a take it or leave it kind of person, some like that and a lot don't. Or so I've heard. She does seem to love her husband though - in her own way.

I've heard that Js are good but rumors that Jensen had a bad year health wise and Jared has a lot of stress showing, they work well together and since back to work maybe it's getting better.

Anonymous said...

Jensen had a bad health year? I never heard about anything that. I'd like to know more. I think J/D love each other. Like the comment above said - in their own way. Jared had that bad stress spell last year. I hope hope he's not going for a relapse. Oh how I love those boys.