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Monday, February 8, 2010

Alexander and Kate not quite finished

While I was out in Miami, over on the left coast, things were getting steamy.  I know everyone is dying to know about A. Skars and Kate, so here it is.  They were all over each other at Chateau Marmont not hiding their lust for each other at all.

After spending most of the evening kissing and groping each other in public, I am told they retreated to their suite where they weren't very, um well....quiet.  I mean can you blame her.  I would turn into a fang banger in a heart beat for him!!

So to answer everyone, this couple may not be Brad and Angie level, but they are far from over.
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I_Aim2Misbehave said...

I'm with ya, I LOVE me some ASkars. Perhaps this will deflect some of those "Nelly Fang" rumors? :P

Anonymous said...

Do you know if he was ever really dating Evan rachel wood?

So are they just FWB ?

Anonymous said...

Chateau Marmont isn't in Miami.

Anonymous said...

he said things were getting steamy over on the left coast. Meaning California!

Anonymous said...

They're far too PDA in public for them to just be FWB.