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Monday, February 8, 2010

Pete recants about Fall Out Boy break-up

"We just haven't had the time to say anything. All I have been able to do is say, 'Man, I miss doing Fall Out Boy,' and I got to a better place hanging out with my son. Now I'm OK if Fall Out Boy comes back or doesn't come back. Like, if it's fun for everyone to do again, we're going to do it … I just want it to be authentic when we come back." 

Did Pete speak too soon? Is he trying to take his foot out of his mouth?  Or did he realize he couldn't be around Ashlee 24/7??  Either way, stop playing with our hearts!

Do we mourn Fall Out Boy or wait until your comeback tour??   Make up our minds, Pete. You're lucky you are cute.

1 comment:

I_Aim2Misbehave said...

He is SO back-tracking. Can't say I blame him... I'd rather take a fork to the eye than be in the company of Ashlee 24/7. Everything about her screams ANNOYING.